I did a seller search and nothing came up. The name isn't at all familiar to me and I buy on ebay a lot--not DVD's anymore, but other stuff. DVD's from ebay are just too much of a crapshoot. And the price difference usually isn't enough to risk.
sorry, must be monique8200.
iambargaincrazy and lilyosreen (sp?) are distributors, but wasn't sure of this one.
I bought a Cathe DVD from a "name and number" seller on eBay and upon reflection,the whole thing stank of pirated DVD.

In the future I will only buy Cathe DVDs from this website because I know they are authentic.

Susan L.G.
I sell plenty of DVDs on Ebay and they are legitimate. I am usually just trying to thin out my collection in order to buy more.:) I sell under "my name and a number." I don't think you should discriminate based on that....

No offense was intended and I apologize for any caused.

I protect myself online in whatever way I find works for me.


Susan L.G.

No offense taken. With all of the technology out there I can certainly understand people being suspicious. I have my own 'screening' methods. For example, I'll never buy from someone who won't tell me where they are shipping from. Items that have their location listed as "DVD,USA" or "FAST SHIPPING,USA" will never get bids from me. Also, I'm leery of sellers who just have a bunch of numbers and letters as their screen name(ie., r238st)although I am sure there are honest people who do that too...:)
TIA: Yes I purchased Hardcore Extreme and Timesaver from her It was a perfect transaction. My Dvd's are authentic. They are normally 49.99 each I got both of them including shipping just around $35.00.


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