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Hi Cathe,
I have been reading your updates and find myself reliving my first pregnancy. My daughter Octavia was born 6 Jan. 1990. We were in Japan at the time and I didn't know a thing about babies. It was just my husband and myself. Well, I was just looking at Octavia the other day and wondering where all the time has gone. I can't believe my baby girl (she will always be my baby girl) will be 10 in January. She has just started taking private gymnastic lessons ( with much hesitation from mom) and she loves it!! My son came in Nov.1992 and he is all boy!!! I love it!! My husbands grandmother told me that I was carrying a boy by the way I was carrying him.Straight out. I carried Tavia low and in my hips. And of course she was right. I had him in a German hospital and no one in the delivery room spoke very good english. But I said heck, childbirth is a universal language. Right now we are in Korea and I am going to take Octavia back to Japan so she can see where she was born. I don't know if she will ever be in this part of the world again. Enjoy every second of this beautiful, special time in your lives.(you and your husband) I will be watching you guys on the computer from Korea next weekend, wish I could be there, but I appreciate the Cathe cam. Take care, Lollie

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Lollie!

Thanks for sharing your enlightening story. I enjoyed reading about your childrens lives and your travels. I'm happy you will be joining us via web cam next weekend. Have a nice day


Congrats, Cathe to you too!

I hope things are going well and that your sore hip has healed. I thought of you this week, because at work several women have commented on how "small" I am (FYI, I don't think I'm small at all!). There are some pregnant women who are due after me, but are bigger. Friends have told me it's either because it's my first, or that my abs were very strong before I got pregnant. I like to think it's the latter because I've faithfully worked out my abs about 4-5 days a week for the past 3-4 years! Just wondering if you've gotten similar comments because I know your abs are in great shape too! Hope you & your husband are having as much fun as we are...today we buy paint for the nursery!!! Take care.


Cathe Friedrich

"looking small"

I would say that up until about two weeks ago I heard a lot of "You're pregnant? I can't even tell". Now I hear more of "Now I can see your belly". I have also noticed that certain outfits enhance a pregnant look, especially tops that are specifically designed for maternity. But as soon as I throw on a large T-shirt and shorts, it doesn't seem obvious at all. Oh well, at this special time in our lives, I think regardless of how we carry, just being as healthy as we possibly can is of utmost importance, right? Have fun designing your nursery. How exciting!

Daphne M

Hope your baby boy is prepared!

The poor little guy will be turning backflips on you next weekend! You know he's going to get patted, rubbed -- and photographed -- like crazy! He is a star and he's not even born yet.

I hope your hip feels better soon. Many of us VFers have had ITB problems, so maybe we can recommend/demonstrate some good stretches when we visit. Also, a VFer named Loleen recently recommended this torture device that is similar to a huge styrofoam rolling pin (6 inches in diameter) that you lay on your side on top of, and then SLOoooooooowly, very slowly, with the full weight of your body resting on the thing, you roll yourself down it so it travels the length of your whole ilio-tibial band, from hip to outer knee. Her doctor recommended it for her ITB syndrome and she says it has helped her recover better than stretches or icing.

Can't wait to see you soon. I'm getting over the flu right now, so hope I will be back up to speed for the coming weekend.

Daphne (P.S. -- Please don't worry if for some reason they want to retest you on the glucose test. I did for both my kids and was absolutely fine on the retests.)

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Daphne!

I hope your feeling better. The flu really eats up your energy. Just pace yourself so you don't have a relapse.

My hip is feeling much better but is still sensitive. I'm very, very cautious with all of my workouts because I can feel it waiting for an oppurtunity to get me again. I now also step out of bed ever so carefully. I'll have to check out that exercise you were mentioning

I'm so excited for the weekend. We are all going to have so much fun!!! Drive safely!

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