Dyna-Band snapped today, new band question


My dyna-band split in half today :(. It's been with me for a long time. I went to Cathe.com to order a new one and found the 3-pack of TPE non-latex stretch bands. For those of you that have made the switch from the old green band to the new ones do you like them? I found a place that I can buy the original band from, but if the new ones are better I will make the switch. I couldn't find anything current on the forum, but I don't search well; I apologize if this has been asked and answered before.




Snapped Band

I had originally purchased a $3.95 Dynaband from Collage Video many moons ago and when it finally snapped on me, I bought 6 replacements so I wouldn't get caught short again. I also purchased Cathe's bands when they first came out, but I like the Dynaband better. The Cathe bands are a little stiff, regardless of color (strength). It's difficult to describe, but there is a smooth, stretchiness to the Dynaband which I prefer over the Cathe product.

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