dvd for better posture

PowerHour is a good one for posture. It is a high repititon, moderate weight workout. To get the most out of postural gains pay very close attention to your 'set position' and between repetitions return to it as often as possible. Notice what's going on in your shoulder girdle, especially through the traps and rhomboids. Shoulders down and back, draw shoulder blades to the spine and feel the opening through the chest as you do that, tuck your chin just a little and feel how that lengthens the back of the neck. Being meticulous about your set position and form will cultivate good posture in any weight workout.

Take Care
One recommendation I have is to be aware of the number of sets of chest work vs. back work. They should be the same, or there should be more back work. Some of Cathe's workouts overdo the chest, IMO, which can lead to muscle imbalance and bad posture. Also, addiing rear shoulder raises to those workouts that don't contain them can help with posture.
Thank you Katherine I was just needing to hear that. I'm off to do some one-arm rows and rear delt flies.

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