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You can now download the Workout Blender - Click Here

For the Mac Version:

After the file downloads, double click on the disc image (the file called "Install Workout Blender for Macintosh.dmg") to mount the installer disc, then click on "Install Workout Blender" and follow the directions.

For the Windows Version:

After clicking on "Windows Download Now", click "Save" on the window that opens (It is not recommended to "Open" or "Run" the file at the same time as the download). Save the installer file to your desktop. When the download is complete, double click the "Install Workout Blender for" file and follow the directions.

If you have any questions or problems please post them in our Workout Blender Support forum
my current version of WB doesn't seem to work. The movie never imports... I tried to red-ownload and re0install (thinking that maybe it's a newer version), but it my computer says that the "there was an error; and that the installer is misconfigured"

* sorry. I just realized I should have posted this elsewhere...

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