"Doubling up STS"


What do people think of the idea of taking twice the time to do STS by doing each workout twice consecutively. I'm thinking that I would not get much of the benefit first time through where each workout is new especially when many of the moves are new and challenging. Even with watching it through first I find that first time through I am messing around with weights and pausing to understand how an exercise is done. Do you think it would be a good idea to do each workout twice consecutively before moving on so you still do 6 workouts in 2 weeks but they are only 3 different workouts repeated twice. Sorry not sure I explained that well...


Cathe Friedrich

Doubling up STS

Hi Ruth! I don't think it is necessary to double up the individual workout. You will need the recovery time between your workouts to gain the results.

Here is a way I suggest doubling STS in a way that doesn't interfere with recovery time. Instead of doing STS as is (which is three split workouts per week for one week) you would repeat those exact same three split workouts the following week.

Here is an example:

Week One of STS (this includes all three split workouts) is done the first week of April and the second Week of April. Week two of STS will be done the third week of April and the fourth week of April...etc. What this does is make STS 6 months long verses 3 months. Of course some may find this too long, but it works equally well and is a great option that doesn't impeded recovery.

Hope this helps!


RE: Doubling up STS

Thanks for your reply Cathe, that makes good sense and I think that's what I might do. I am currently following "New Rules of Lifting" but plan to buy move onto STS after that. It looks such fun and sooooo challenging:D .

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