doing 1rm's question on counting barbell weight


if i have 15 lbs on each side of the barbell then i count the total weight right, 30 lbs? not like the dumbbells where if i hold 15 lbs in each hand, i only count 15 lbs.

do the barbells themselves all hold different weights? does that matter. i have no idea how much mine weighs


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I had that same problem with the weight plus the bar - what the heck does the bar weigh. Tomorrow before I do Disc 5 I am going to get on the scale check my weight and then pick up the bar (no weights) and get on the scale. This will tell me for sure what the bar weighs. I believe barbell weight is the total weight for the bar and all weights. So if you have a 10lb bar and 10 lbs weights on each end it is 30 lbs.


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I had the same question when I started. I decided not to include the weight of the bar, it was just easier for me to keep track. 10lbs means 5lbs on each side of the barbell. For dumbbells I do the total for one dumbbell. I do not believe there is a right or wrong way because you should always be increasing your weight throughout the program, you just have to remember which way you chose to do it. I hope this helps...and good luck with the program!

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