Does anyone remember...


how to undownload the STS Rotation? I saw something awhile back and can't find it. I originally downloaded the 3 month rotation and changed my mind and want to do the 6 month one now. I thought I read that I needed to undownload the 3 mo. and redownload the 6 month but I can't seem to figure it out. Help, please!



In the workout manager, select the Rotations icon, then select edit/delete rotation. Then I believe it give an option to edit/delete downloaded rotation or rotation you created. Then it goes to another page and you select your rotation and delete. Hope that makes sense.


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Delete a Rotation

To delete a rotation just click on the rotation icon at the top of the Workout Manager. Then select "edit/delete a rotation". Then just do what the wizard tells you to do and in just a few steps your entire rotation will be removed from your calendar.

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