Doctors say obesity isn't a disability


We should mentor the obese, if they are open to it

A-Jock, carress1973, cakebaker, thank you for your comments concerning the mentoring of an obese young man "Brian". I agree that ultimately he is going to have to make the decision to take the big step forward to a healthy lifestyle. However, one of a church's mandates is to help the less well off, so we will be continuing to help Brian out.

I appreciate all the comments on this thread. I am a relatively new participant to this site, but at the end of the day the positive value of this site is that of a self-help site, whereby the people on it are here to help themselves become fitter. Most of my posts ask qestions on technical issues (like lower back pain, etc), and I perosnally benefit from advice from others. The irony is is that North America is becoming increasingly obese -- so CatheNation is like an island in a sea of unfit lifestyles. So it is interesting to see how Cahte followers relate to people on the outside.
-- David

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