Do you double up on your sports bra?


Hiya Lisa!!! I have a Patagonia about 15 minutes away. I saw that online but I was not sure if it could fit the bill. If it has your stamp of approval I'll deffinitely give them a try.

I'm hardly overendowed, . . .okay I've pretty much got the chest of a 13 year old boy (34 A- maybe a 34 B during those bloated PMS days) but when Cathe says jump higher, . .I feel it and I like the "girls" to stay where they are without looking like I'm duct taped in. :)

I love the quality of Title 9. I have a few of those too. I use those under my Target tank tops.
I think you would like the Patagonia bra for layering then. It may not be enough on its own for high impact but under a tank with a shelf bra it should be fine. I run in just the bra when I'm a B cup but when I'm a little heavier and sporting a C cup, I like more support and a tank with a shelf bra is usually enough. Also because of the type of fabric, I've never had nippling problems with it. I really wish I was 15 minutes away from a Patagucci but I guess I would never have any money if I was.

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