Disney Road Trip


Hi Cathe, will there be anymore picture of the Disney Road Trip posted?

I know you had been busy with the LIS..BTW I am loving these new workouts. I have not been able to try Cycle Max yet..waiting for Christmas; Santa is leaving me a new spin bike :D


Obviously I'm not Cathe :))) but I remember reading that SNM Videos said once their workload calms down a bit, they would post the rest of the Disney Pics and the Glassboro pics on Flickr. I'm assuming they might still be bogged down with customer service issues related to the new series? I'm very anxious to see the rest of the pics as well!

Cathe Friedrich

Yes, we were a little bogged down these last couple of weeks but no worries, posting the Disney RT pics are on the to do list. I'll see if I can even get them up this week (can't promise that but I'll try).


Thanks Cathe!

Thanks Cathe! I know you are a super busy woman. I have some empty gym walls I would love to fill with some Disney memories. :D

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