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Good morning, I'm looking for advice on "cutting" muscle. My goal for this STS round is to have defined muscle. I want cut arms!!! I'm a fairly clean eater, with some cheat dessert on the weekend :) I'm 5'6" and 146 lbs, went through multiple Beachbody programs, just finished Body Beast, before starting my first round of STS (I'm on week 3.) I've read all kinds of different things...up the protein, ditch the carbs, take supplements! I'm at a loss of what to try. Any advice or recommending reading or website is appreciated!

jamie vaughn

Hi VanGar,
You want to do something that is sustainable otherwise all your hard work will be reversed once you return to your regular diet. Personally I have to avoid gluten so I don't generally eat pasta/ bread, but i do not totally avoid carbs as they are essential in terms of workout performance. I focus on tons of veges/ salads, some fruit, healthy fats, lean protein. I do have a habit of measuring some of my food because it's very easy to overdue it with things like nuts and before you know it your caloric intake is sky high. Your weekend desserts may have to be revised to perhaps be a lower calorie/ reduced sugar version in order to meet your expectations. Dumping sugar and processed foods is key. I'm not huge on supplements but do like BCAA's to prevent muscle breakdown during workouts and protein powder after workouts. You also have to kick up the cardio to shed the fat layer hiding your muscle. I go to the gym twice weekly for an hour of Hiit intervals on the treadmill/ rowing/ floor work type classes and really saw the cuts in my arms and legs after adding this to my home weight routine.
Good luck!


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You could try Green Tea or L-Theanine as it helps to boost your energy levels, plus it is good for detox. And it is easily available, too!

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