Deadlifts for back in Meso2

wendy loo

Hi Cathe,
I did the first Back and Biceps workout from Meso2 yesterday, and I have a couple of questions about the deadlifts used in the back section...

1. My hamstrings get very sore from these STS leg workouts. Even with several rest days inbetween workouts, it was tough for me to do the deadlifts in Back and Biceps. Is there a substitute exercise if my hamstrings are just too sore? Or...

2....Should I be doing more of a "quarter dead lift" (as seen in another of your older workouts) to really feel it more in the back? I've always been sort of confused about the placement of deadlifts in a back workout. I understand that they certainly work the back, but it seems deadlifts work back more in an assisting way. If quarter deadlifts are an option, can you give some form pointers for how to avoid straining the lower back with them, what muscles to imagine while you're doing the move, etc.

Thanks so much, Cathe!



This is a great question and I was thinking the same thing when I did disc 15. I tried to do the deadlifts in this disc with more of a bent knee, rather than classic stiff-legged leg workout style. This should shift the focus a little more to the low back, but I still felt it mainly in my legs and ended up wondering the same thing. I'd love a deeper explanation into the differences and how the deadlift is correctly applied in the back workout.

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