Damage Control....Tuesday


Hello Ladies.

Today is a long over due rest day for me...even though I didn't wanna!:p

Tomorrow I start my "cardio party" until I get back from vacation! Cardio and abs (oh and maybe some inner thigh reps too ;)). That's it. Once I return I am hoping that I will be motivated to jump back into STS upper body only!



Good Morning!:)

Jump'ins....thought this was gonna be a nice peaceful morning on the puter! Started out outside while DS was playing but now he is turning into a maniac and wants the computer I'm on. Can't he atleast wait for me to wake up until he starts with his foolishness?:mad: I can't even think about dealing with him until I have had my first cup of foffee! LOL

Yesterdays workout was 4.6 miles on the TM, it was 2 sections of CC#5 and it took 40 mins, Then I did BM2 circuits with heavier weight and Kari Andersons abs. It was a good workout and the sweat was just pouring off of me!:eek: I am planning on running outside today with DS...and my running partner. We will probably go soon b/c its suppose to be warm again today.

I had a good night with the girls last night. Had a couple of drinks in the hot tub and some snacks after. I didn't get into bed until almost 1 and DS was up at 8;......trust me...it could have been alot worse. DH also gets home today. It doesn't even seem like he as been gone very long. Its not so bad only having myself and DS to contend with.

Wendy** Sounds like you have a plan of attack! LOL Where are you going on vaca and for how long? I don't know if we will go anywhere this summer. Time will tell and if we do, it won't be very far.

Diana** I bet you are enjoying your relaxing time with your family. There will be plenty of time to workout when you get home!

Jacque** I know...DS likes to destroy things...it irritates the he** out of me. He is constintly throwing things all the time...drives me mad. There are a few habits that I hope preschool will break for me b/c I can't seem to do it. He listens to everyone else except for us! Ugh!

Laura** Glad to hear your mom is doing great...and back to work? Did she regret that after? How old is your mom? Sounds like nothing is gonna stop her!

Jen** I didn't bake any bread after! LOL It stopped raining and then it was to muggy to turn the oven on. We don't have AC in our house b/c we would only need it one month out of the year!:confused:

O.k...I will bbl. My workout will be done earlier then yesterdays workout...its so windy out! To tell you the truth, Im not looking forward to this one little bit!



Lori:: Where's your DD...did I miss something?? My DH goes away for 5 days every year. I don't mind it at all. As long as I can get a sitter so I can get one night out with friends I am happy. I swear husbands are like children so when he goes away it's like having one less child to take care of! :p Yes, I have a plan. I only hope it works! Fingers crossed! Nice work out y'day! Enjoy your run today!


Good morning ladies !

Last night was S&H legs & shoulders. Great workout though the shoulder work had a 'tilt' in it and my lower back is aching from the 'core tightening' required. I really need to strengthen it but is kinda hard because even a little w/o makes it sore. Long process but I saw that superman's etc are on the list for later this week so that's a good thing. Think today will be Imax2.

Wendy - have a nice rest day. I love 'cardio parties' . . . need to add more to my workouts but still trying to keep the weights in the to stay toned. The 'sagging' has begun something fierce lately. :mad: Ah well . . . if I didn't have to work I'd probably workout all day long ! Loved the Cathe RT and all those workouts in 3 days !

Lori - I was wondering the same about DD - remembered she came back from a trip with the necklace . . . did she go to your Mom's or something? When do you get your typical summer up there? I know on the other side of the country (No. Idaho) they have nice weather June through August. Have a nice run today . . .

Diana - make it out of the condo and hot tub yet for some exploring ? :p

Laura - good to hear Mom is doing well . . . sounds like my Mom who worked in between all her chemo. Took a lot to keep her down. Hope you can rope her into healing correctly but you know us ladies can be stubborn !;)

PunkyJen - three days and counting now ? ? ? Think I know what you look like . . . :D :D :D Getting any workouts in this week?

Off for the day . . . few hours of meetings and then projects galore !


Jacque:: I love IMAX2! Maybe I should try to do it tmrw. Hopefully my bb will not mind most of it. :rolleyes: The Cathe RT was fun for sure but exhausting. It was over just in time. I couldn't take much more! Cathe should have included an extra day to rest! LOL


Wendy: You are already in such great shape, I know taking a break from STS will not hurt you. I could only aspire to have your drive and determination:D

Your little boy sounds like my daughter when she was little. She always had a ton of energy, and she still does! Still trying to get her to "conform"!! LOL:(, but, yes, preschool will teach them so much! Do you have any other kids?

What fitness classes do you teach?

Yes, I am smiling!!!! However, my smile feels weird today b/c I bought new eye makeup and I think I'm having an allergic reaction to it! My eyes are puffy as heck this morning. Not good!!!!!:mad:

Tell us what all you guys are doing in those beautiful mountains. Wish I was there--- I would like to sketch them or take a hike. Missing nature today, and have to be in the classroom...:p

All right lovelies. Off to care for other people's teenagers, ONE MORE TIME!!!:D:D:D


My mom, when she was alive, always reminded me that my Camp Fire Girl name I chose for myself (in the Indian language) meant "she who does difficult things well." Maybe that's why I like to work out and teach high school. Nothing but a good challenge, right???:)

Miss you, my beautiful mom.....

Don't know why I wrote that.... sorry for the nostalgia all....


PunkyJen:: Get as nostalgic as you want! That's a neat story. Sounds like you picked a great name for yourself! :) Thanks for the encouragment. Unfortunately I am taking a break from STS because it's making me "puffy" and I can't stand it. Especially being less then a week out from going on a beach vacation! :eek: I have 2 new bathing suits that can not withstand puffy. I need it gone AND FAST!


Hi Ladies,

MIL should arrive today and then I will have the opportunity for site seeing and shopping! Although I have some workouts with me, it's just not feasible to do them with 8 people in the house. I'm considering doing CCC in the garage but would not be able to do the sit up sections on the cement floor.

Wendy-I'm sure you will look great for your vacation. Drink lots of water, that really seems to help me drop a few lbs fairly quickly. Something I need to be doing myself. Since I'm not working out I haven't been drinking nearly enough water. I always gain weight when doing heavy weights but I combat it by drinking lots of water and doing lots of cardio.

Lori-hope the wind dies down for your run. Wind just makes for a miserable run. I have to say we lucked out this week, the mountain temps are 68-75, but at home we are 98...way too hot for me.

Jacque-I've been enjoying S&H on occasion the past couple months. I find that "tilt" to sometimes be too much for me so I just leave it out. Have fun with Imax 2, a really fun W/O. Hope your back doesn't hurt too bad and recovers quickly. I'm a little jealous, you and Jen will get together at the Garlic Festival. Have a great time!

PunkyJen-I hope to get out and about today. There are some outlet shops I want to get to and then up to the base of the mountain. A few of us will probably rent mtn bikes and ride around the reservoir and other places. No worries about the nostalgia, several of us have lost one parent if not both. I miss my parents all the time. I especially miss my dad as this is his condo, it seems strange being here without him.

Laura-so glad to hear that DM made it through surgery just fine...and is already back at work. Well that explains where your determination and drive comes from. We are having a heat wave too, so glad we are in the mountains where it is much cooler. Temps are in the high 60's to mid 70's, just perfect.

The girls want to get in the hot tub and its only 9am. Guess it's time to take them in for a bit.

Have a great day ladies. bbl


Diana:: Have fun site seeing and shopping with MIL today. So if you haven't been doing that all week, what have you been doing...besides going in the hot tub with the girls? :D Temps where you are sound perfect! How lovely! I try to drink a lot of water but the constant peeing when I do is such a pain. I have a hard enough time holding my bladder as it is! :rolleyes: Problem with STS is that it doesn't leave me enough time for ample cardio. No way can I fit it on weight days doing STS and my body really seemed to love when I was doing 1/2 weights and 1/2 cardio in same w/o session!


Hey ladies ..

OMG .. my stess level is thru the roof .. today is election day .. and it is CRAZY INSANE .. my phone - text - visits are nonstop .. PRAY for a landslide victory for my DB .. the other candidate is playing DIRTTTTYYYYY .. I mean really bad .. he should be in jail IMO... but at least I know there is a very special place in H### for him!!!! It amazes me how people can live w/some of the actions they do!! :mad: gggrrrrrrrrrrr

Wendy .. when do you leave on vacation .. and where are you going??? girl you ahve nothing to worry about I am sure .. you are a hottie no matter what!!!

Lori ..LOL about DS . . he is already a computer geek!!! LOLOLOL

Jacque.. yes I think DM is VERY stubborn .. and my father was worse .. so I got a dbld dose of it .. LOL

Di .. have fun w/MIL .. shopping .. that is smthn I need to do BAD!!! I just hate it though!!! Yes .. I think my drive and determination does come from both my parents ... mthr kind of take it overboard thogh.

PunkyJen - my DB is Sheriff of our county and is up for re-election .. he is by far most qualified .. but politics are dirty .. and this joker that is running against him is THE DIRTIEST!!!! (and he is a preacher :mad:) ... I teach step, circuit, plyometrics and shaping classes :D and I am just getting over a broken rib .. but according to last night' class I am A-OK!!!!! :D

So laste night .. was AWESOME .. did step circuits .. w/some BH kettlebell (like) swings and planks .. it was HARD .. and had a packed class. Today is rest day .. errands at lunch .. leaving early to go home get stuff ready for result reception tonight ... say some hard prayers girlies .. worried about voter turn out .. have a great one!:D


Laura:: We are supposed to be leaving Friday on vacation if DH can get a last minute hotel room for the night. We are going with DSIL and fam and they don't get there til Saturday but we wanted to go a bit early since we can't stay the entire week with them. We were supposed to book this room ages ago and kept forgetting so we will see what kind of luck we have. :rolleyes: We are going to Bethany Beach, MD. Not much I can say about it. Never been there. The resort we are staying at is huge and we are sharing a condo with my SIL and her family. Glad your class liked your new Bob moves. That's awesome!;) Yay for election day! Let us know how it goes! How's your mom doin'? So I've been usin' the soap and the saline wash on bb every day since the beginning of the week and STILL having issues. It seems to be healing in some ways but still looks awful and hurts like he!! at times! I am at my wits end. Not sure if I should make one last attempt w/going to a shop for advice or what. I am beyond frustrated with it. :(
ETA: I have read a lot online about the bb piercing and everything I have read indicates that I do NOT have an infection!? Strange.
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