Damage Control.....Thursday


Good Morning.

Well I was up at 3:45 again this morning. :rolleyes: Not only did I have to pee but I also realized that I may have never booked a kennel stay for my dog while we are on vacation next week and we are supposed to leave TOMORROW! :eek: I realize getting up at 3:45 does not solve this problem (lol) but after that I was done. I was only gonna lay in bed and agonize over it so I decided to get up and do something to try and keep me from freaking out over it. In reality I am almost positive we will not have a problem getting a reservation at our regular place but even if we do, there are tons of kennels around here. I am sure we can find one. I just can't believe I didn't do it!:confused:

Not sure what's on tap for a work out this morning. All I know is that it'll be cardio and that it'll be low impact.

So the bb has really turned around in the last 2 days. Looking much better! It's still not perfect but so much less unsightly then it was. Thank goodness cause I have to put on a tomorrow!!!

Okay well I think I was the last to post last night so I'll be back from work later on. :cool:


Good Morning!:)

Didn't get here yesterday...by the time the sight was up and running again, I didn't really have any computer time.

I went to work early yesterday and stayed there until 2. I pretty much got everything done. I worked for 8 hrs straight...gone are the days of doing nothing!:eek: I didn't know if I should pick DS up on my way home,go for a run or have nap. I decided to just go home and when I got here I chatted with DD for a while and then I think I went in standby mode...not really asleep...but not awake either! LOL Even up until last night I thought about going for a run but it didn't happen. I did get out on tues night though for 12.5 km.

I am not quit sure what workout I will do today.Its probably going to be abs and a run outside.

Wendy** I am sure you will get the dog issue resloved! As I was reading your post I was thinking "what is she gonna do about that at 3:45!" and then you said you knew there was nothing you could do....LOL. Did you fall back to sleep at all? Could be a long day. I got up yesterday morning at 5:20 or so and that was early enough!

Laura** You must be so excited for your brother!!!!:D I seen your post on FB before I seen it here...that's awesome! Now the work begins for him!

Diana** I think I would go nuts to! If you wanted to do nothing on vaca,you could have stayed home and atleast rearranged your furniture or something!:rolleyes: Ilike to be on the go but I like relaxing to. Probably why we enjoyed FL so much.There were the days we did nothing but usually b/c we were on the move the day before. We are suppose to be going back in April for 2 weeks this time.

I will bbl. Work shouldn't be to bad today b/c I pretty much caught up on everything yesterday. The one good thing about going in early is that you can get alot done with no interuptions!



Hey Girls.

I picked an odd one this morning for my work out...KenpoX. I'll tell you though, I couldn't get thru the first punching section w/my weighted gloves on. I had to take them off early! :eek: I put them back on later but man o' man did it fry my shoulders early on! Not a great cardio work out but I sure felt it in the muscles so I'll take it. :)

So I have decided to nix ab work until I get back from vacation. I haven't done it since the end of last week I guess at this point. It can really mess with my bb but I have been stubborn and doing it anyway. :rolleyes: I really think that I need to lay off until it's better though. I think this may be atleast one reason why it's begun to look/feel better the past couple days.

Lori:: Getting up at 3:45 stinks but it's only 30 mins earlier then my usual time if I am working out so It's really not all THAT terrible. I am sleepy but I'll be ok. Just need a little more foffee in me! ;) Enjoy your run today and do some extra ab work for me will ya? :D



Good morning ladies !

Busy day for me y'day so no check in time. Work ALL DAY and then met a couple of ladies that are up from So Cal locations for training. Total vent session as the "training co-workers" left them without training nearly all day in between them waiting around while they took care of other business. This was a PLANNED TRAINING session and this is how they treat co-workers. I am LIVID ! Nuf said - I didn't get home until 10:30 so went to bed. Tues nite no workout either but am working at home this AM to try to get something done so will hit the w/o room shortly and thinking today will be a double session ! :p

Wendy - poor bb . . . can't believe this is taking so long. Hoping that the tips from Diana and Laura kick in soon. Did you get a doggie reservation yet? KenpoX huh? I keep thinking of the "X" and how it got many of us together here . . . and see the commercials so toy with doing it but the pull ups and push ups don't fit with my shoulder issues anymore. Could use the workouts individually though. :rolleyes: Have a great trip if you don't get there this weekend.

Lori - so I missed (again) where DD was all this time? ? ? And DH is back too so you have your full house all together again ! ;) Lucky girl your work work is done ! And did you get your run in?

Diana - well you could be hunting for Hot Wheels instead of sitting around ! LOL! DH turns on a TV first thing when we hit a hotel room - I like doing things but he is slow to make a decision. And he loves to drive around but I'd rather walk around. When I say "let's go to the beach", I don't mean drive the entire road along the beach but please park and let me put my toes in the sand. Guess it is all about priorities. Mine 'vacations' every weekend in front of the TV & computer ! :p But then again, at least I'm not home doing chores . . . Hope you can get out with or without DH here pretty soon. If he's gonna sit then take the car, the girls and go !

Laura - Woo Hoo DB ! ! ! ! And crossing fingers the new cap on the oil gusher will hold, FINALLY ! :eek: Good to hear you are back to normal - and Mom is doing OK too? Have a great day !

PunkyJen - today and tomorrow and then vaca for you ? ? ? At least from teaching for the moment, huh?

Ciao chicas ! BBL


Wendy: So glad to hear your belly button's healing!! Now it will be cute with a little ring in it!!!:) You're braver than I am to get a piercing:confused: silly me. Also, I'm glad you are still working out, even tho the STS was bugging you. 3:45 a.m.???? WOO, girl you are really amazing:D Which reminds me, I have to get a kennel placing for our kitty-cat in August.Where are you going on vacation?

Where do you work again? For an airline? And you have 2 kids? I would LOVE to go to Florida. My GF says its the best. I've been to the Panhandle where my uncle had a beach house. But now I expect there's tons of oil on the beach :mad::confused::(

Yes MAAM!!!:D:cool: Vacation is already beginning. Grades are done, I turn them in tomorrow. Love my students, they are troopers for taking care of business and and getting those High School credits. My DD is in my class, and she's getting an "A". I'm so proud of her.

Beautiful Colorado!!! I remember going on camping trips with the YMCA in my teens in the Rockies. Would love to go back. YOu are lucky, lady!!:cool:

: So glad to hear DM is doing well. Congratulations to your DB!!! What county do you guys live in? Wow, you are a studly lady to teach all those classes; YOU GO GIR!!:D:D:D

My DS1 turned 18 y'day. I am so proud and glad for him. This is a big year for him. He got into the dorm he wanted, and we'll be moving him to Tucson soon. He's getting his passport today for overseas work with the Navy. But they don't go overseas for a couple years. The tailor's measuring him for his uniforms. I was amazed that he fits so beautifully into my husband sports jacket size. Very proud, very humbled. DD enjoyed her art class last night, and little DS2 going back to basketball camp this AM. Busy, busy, and so happy.....:cool::)

Love Jen


Morning Ladies!!!

Well the GGT was awesome .. went to a new place and the food was out of this world good .. we had a blast .. even though I was tired it was still fun. This morning I awoke .. when my eyes finally could focus .. I took a deep breath and said ..WHEEEWWWWW ... OK .. told myslef today is the day everything is gonna return to normal .. my workouts . my schedule .. etc .. even though "normal" is still hectic .. it wont be out of this world insanely stressfull hectic!!! :D

Wendy .. IA w/DI.. I used a sea salt soak .. did just what she said .. put it in small glass .. laid down and let it sit .. did it 2 - 3 times a day... and that really does the trick .. I would try that too ... ya it sounds like it is just irritated .. and if you weren't taking the care you are of it .. probably would turn into infection!!! Good luck w/doggie reservations!! YIKES .. I bet that did send you into panick mode!!!

Di ... UGH ... I could not do NOTHING on vaca .. yup would rather do nothing at the house .. we are adrenaline junkies kinda .. we would rather be hiking - fishing - boating - sight seeing - scuba diving . . tell DH get off his behind and go do something ...

Lori .. I am SO PROUD of my brother - I dont see how he does it .. I dont have the stomach for it .. this past 4 years he has turned the dept around - has wreaked havoc on drugs - used confiscated $$ to purchase new vehicles/vest/radios/etc - been recognized by State of AL for largest exctasy seizure .. he has worked hard .. and the biggest complaint is no one can get him on his phone and he doesnt shake everyone's hand when he enters a building :confused: ummmmm he doesnt think of the position as ALL political .. he sees it as law enforcement as it should be .. anyway .. yes it was a long election . . but the BEST man came out on top (I sound like a political ad huh? :confused:)

Jacque .. wow stressfull day ystdy!! YIKES .. and yes we all are praying this 10th cap works .. then the relief drill stops it completly .. still SO MUCH DAMAGE has been done .. it is devestating!!

PunkyJen .. we live in Barbour County, AL .. very large county .. lots of rural towns ... I am so glad I am getting back to my classes .. yes they are gonna KNOW I turned it up a notch since I am well now .. hee hee!!!

OK .. better jet .. thanks for all the positive energy and congrats .. ya'll have a great one .. tonight's class is a mish mosh of plyo, UB/LB weights, and core!!! :eek: woohooo I am BACK!!!!!!!:D:D:D


Hey Girlies!:)

Taking a break from work and I have only been here....90 min or so! LOL

My run today was another 12.5k...which is 7.4 miles. I also did ME abs before I went out. I ended up getting a bad belly while I was out and then when I got home, I couldn't get off of the tolit!:eek: TMI? I haven't gotten like that since I started training for the marathon in the very beginning. Its an awful feeling cause when Im not using the washroom, it feels like I still need to. I would have been to work earlier if it wasn't for that. Im not sure what caused it, its usually when I over do it but I didn't today.

Wendy** It takes so long for the bb to heal, sometimes I had to wonder if it was worth it. I still haven't went back and bought the one I saw at walmart...maybe I should do that today. I need to go and get some sunblock and hats for DS. I don't mind looking tired but I HATE looking tired. You can see it all over my face! :confused:

Jacque** DD was at my moms house...sorry I forgot to answer that! LOL She decided to go out on Fri with her friend and come back on Tues. I think they really enjoyed themselves and my mom enjoyed having them, even though there isn't anything for them to do out there. She has been staying out of trouble and thats marvelous! Last night they went out with a friend b/c it was her b-day and then they all came back to the house and watched a movie. Your work situation was not good yesterday. I can see why you were ticked!

Jen** I work for a refueling company. We fuel planes going from the US to Europe pretty much and returning of course. Its a nice job but we changed ownership and things are different....I guess it just takes getting use to. In the meantime I am taking a PT course online so we shall see what happens after that:) I have 2 kids, one is 14 and the other is 3 1/2. I don't think I am having anymore. Im pretty certain Im not but haven't done anything to prevent it! 3 1/2 yrs with no birth control! Can you imagine? LOL My luck I will get caught when I am 40! hehe! Thats awesome about your son. I wonder how you will feel when its time for him to leave. 2 years seems so far away but you know how time flies!



jacque:: Sorry about the training issues. That stinks. Yeah, I want to give P90X another go. I think I may do it sooner rather then later as I am think I am thinking of shelving STS until the fall/winter time. :eek: Doggy reservation is made. No problem. It's not a holiday or anything so I had a feeling I could still get him in. I worried anyway until it was done. Feel much better now though.

punkyjen:: We are going on vacation to Bethany Beach, Deleware. Never been there before but it's supposed to be nice. Fingers crossed! Best wishes to DS1 for his time in the Navy/overseas. My DH was in the Navy. He was happy with his choice.

laura:: Glad you and your GF's had fun at the GTG! Girls' nights are always fun, aren't they? :D I am about to run out of saline solution but the past few times I have used it I did the shot glass trick. Seems to be more effective then just pooling it in the bb like I had been doing. Gonna try like heck to get to proper store for seasalt or to shop for the spray. No matter what though, I am going to make sure I keep after it on vacation and NO ABS!!!!!!!!!:eek:

lori:: I had no trouble when I got my bb done the first time and was having no trouble this time until DH injured it!:mad: They do take a while to heal but w/o problems it's really not such a big deal to me. I am going to get my tat next friday. That will be a cake walk to heal compared to the piercing though! :D I say go to Walmart and get that new bb ring!:)


Ok so I posted a query about STS on the O/D and so far it seems me and Jen are the oddities. Oh well. I knew we were strange but now I know we are even stranger then originally thought! LOL My plan is to play w/o's by ear until after vacations ends (SS is sounding good though!), I get my tat and it heals. After that I am starting the X. Hopefully I can start by Aug 1st. I did not have this issue with that program when I did it back in 2007 and now I am extremely curious to see what happens in light of my STS results so far. So I guess all that's left to be said here is...........

Last edited:


Well Cathe responded to my thread in O/D and now I feel like I want to give STS another chance so I will likely pick up where I left off when I return from vacation. :p

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