Damage Control...Sunday


Hi Girls.

We have a Baptism to go to today. Before going I intend to bang out Disc 9 (legs). Slept in today. Got up at 7:30. Woo hoo! lol

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I'll be back....:cool:


Good Morning Girls!:)

I didn't get a chance to check in from home b/c when we woke up, DS was being a computer hog! DH left to go fishing for 3 days...at 8 a.m so before he left I motored out the door to get a run in. It was a shorter run but I put everything I had in it. Now...everything I had at 7:20 a.m with half a cup of coffee in me, probably wasn't that much!:eek: I did have a good sleep last night though. Everyone was still outside sitting around the fire and I just crashed. I went to bed at 10:40 and woke up at 6:40. I didn't even set the alarm! I thought I did! LOL

So my workout was 5km, in 23 mins...then I came home and did 30/30 and then 4DS KB, plus the ab work. I was going to do some GS legs but my legs were burning as it was, plus I needed to get ready for work and I had to drop DS off at his grandparents house.

Jacque** That was dirty!;) I don't handle pain very well and when something hurts me I want to just throw it! LOL I remember when I was younger ( i loved animals so much) and the cat had hurt a squirrel so I picked the squirrel up (could I have picked a dirtier animal?) and I was going to save his life of course....I was Dr.Lori! On the way to taking him inside (to make a bed for him) the bugger bit me....so I dropped him:eek: LOL We weren't on good terms for very long...I can't remember what happened after. I know I made a box for him....but I think he died. I don't know if it was b/c of the attack or b/c of the 5 foot drop he had afterwards! LOL Internal bleeding probably got the best of him;)

Wendy** Busy, busy gal! Hope you have a good day!

O.k...need to do some work before some blows through the doors and catches me surfing the web:p



Diana Where in the mountains are you? I know you have the beautiful Rockies to choose from, but, specifically? i can't decide whether I love mountain vacays or beach vacays the best. Plz tell:)

Wendy--you are awesome bein so faithful with that STS. Would you say it's worth the price? I'm still trying to save up money for it!

Laura Still praying for your mom. Hug your furbabies for comfort.:)

Lori: Yes, my weekend's awesome. Did 90 minutes of pure step and hi-lo off the stepblast/SPJ video. Feeling it!

Jacque-- I would love to go to the Garlic Festival, but I didn't know until you told me it was happening this wkend. Enjoy working that booth, and have a little garlic for me. I live with an Italian, and he cooks, and we STILL can't get enough garlic!!!! Good for you, too:cool::D:)

Happy, happy summer!!!:cool:


Jacque!!:cool:Silly me, I thought the festival was this weekend!!!:eek:Just Googled it and that's sounds like a lot of fun on the 23rd, 24th, 25th. I'll think about going, just for fun, and to see you!:D
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Heya girlies !

Well very very late getting here - been getting stuff done though ! :D

Workout was 40/20 - Whew ! Did better than usual, only one additional break - could have waited if I knew that I would have had a minute if I had just waited for one exercise. Need to do this more so I know when the 1 min breaks are coming. Got cleaning, weeding and shopping done ! Talked to DS1 for an hour - now I still need to do some work work and make salsa. That will be my day.

Wendy - so did you 'bang out' your legs ! :p Hope you got to enjoy the baptism - food & drink afterwards? How's the bbutton today?

Lori - DS was being a computer hog? Does he have kiddie games he plays or something? At least you got a good nites sleep and your run before DH left on his trip. I was checking out some fishin' places for us to camp for a mini vaca this summer. I'd love to just sit and do nuthin' . . . or I'd take a run while DH fishes. Love the outdoors ! Not sure I'd pick up a squirrel as they can carry rabies - just had a park near us closed because a squirrel had the plague ! Don't pick up any more OK?:confused: But I was mad at my birdie - DH used to be bummed because she would always bite him - she hasn't hardly tried to bite me in 21 years - not sure what is up with her right now.:(

PunkyJen - Yes, the festival is in a couple of weeks . . . it is a typical festival where the $ made goes to local charities so kinda expensive but then you only taste everything so don't have to eat lots. Last couple years the weather has been warm but not unbearable and the wine tent has misters set up inside.:p Let me know if you think you might make it - FYI the tix are $12 or $14 each . . . if nothing else I could get you a glass or two of wine or champagne on the "house". There are loads of great arts and crafts - it is very hard to get in to be a vendor - they are really stingy and you have to have sell something garlic-related. Great bands also - 3 going at all times - country, rock, jazz, etc. Lots of shade tents with tables or bales of hay to sit under too.

Diana - how's day 1 going for y'all? You have me longing for a mountain trip - Yosemite is pretty well booked until the end of Sept - did find a fishing campground at Tahoe though . . . :rolleyes:

Time for more work . . . check y'all in the AM !


OK - tried posting pics of DD's 21st birthday on the 'other computer' and it took too long.

So just finished - check them out.

Wendy - see her tats - left arm and entire chest. Not a great view of the chest but you can see how large and how high it is - wish she had done it so it could be covered a bit more? :confused: Oh Well . . . it is hers and not mine.

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