Damage Control September

A new month is upon us. I went out to dinner last night to celebrate my birthday. I enjoyed salmon, salad, and a baked sweet potato! I also did get some exercise in, a BR leg workout. Today I went on a 3 mile run/walk. There was a lot more running than walking! I'm going to stick with the 3 mile route until I can run the whole way and then will increase the mileage. I only walked a few times and for 5-15 seconds. I'm happy with that for now. Then I did RWH BSB. I don't have much planned for today. I may go to Best Buy and buy a new desktop. We think the power supply is dead on ours. I know DS2 could fix it, but I'm not sure it's worth asking him to. I'll leave that up to DH. I'm working on DH's "To Do" list. He's finally feeling better so he can get started on it.

How are spending the Holiday weekend?
Popping back in to say I'm doing the Thrive 7 Day reset we did earlier. I need the structure.

Hope you are enjoying the long weekend.
Hi! Just worked this weekend. DS2 went to PSU for a fond farewell before he starts traveling next week. Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like you are in a great place eating and working out with the running and 7 day reset.

Family is all coming over tomorrow for bar-b-q pork, salads, and peach cobbler (recipe from Pinch of Yum). So I'm not starting any reining in of food until Tuesday! I will tell you I'm at my highest weight right now and not happy about it. I took a bike ride today because I just felt like doing what I wanted to do. Maybe the program I'm on isn't enough?
I'll just going to focus on tomorrow and then think some things through. Part of it is the decrease in my med-I took the step to 5 mg. for the month of Sept. and have not been sleeping well-which makes me eat more (especially at work). I know I'm all over the place.

Off to walk the dog before bed!

Thanks for starting the thread...

This morning I did RWH CST and abs. Then I did a short BR circuit. I was beat after all that heavy lifting. It was tough after not lifting for almost 3 weeks. I struggled a lot on the last 2-3 reps. I know I need to lift more if I want to see changes. I may try to run tomorrow morning and then do leg wts at lunch or in the evening. I started Thrive today but have had a bit of peanut butter which is not on plan. I started much later than I anticipated and didn't have my morning shake until 12:30. I can prep a few things today.

Hope you are enjoying the day with your family and bbq!
We had a great time yesterday. The meal turned out perfect. My desert was mixed fruit cobbler which I made based on Pinch of Yum's peach cobbler recipe. It was a big hit-my brother thought I must have bought it! I'll definitely make it for next book club-finally found something new that doesn't have nuts!

Of course, I'm up even higher in weight from last week. Started a food diary today. I'm also just doing what I feel like doing for exercise again. Yesterday was Knockout Rockout workout-a little modified of the higher impact stuff. My back hurt some when I was done, but this morning it was ok. Today I did Gym Style legs with moderate weight. I miss my other workouts and was getting burnt out on all the Low Impact series workouts.

I also decided to just do the food diary and to try to make good choices instead of following a written plan. I had eggs with spinach in a whole wheat/flax/oat bran pita for breakfast and 1/2 glass of Fairlife chocolate milk after my workout. Dinner is salmon, corn, and broccoli. I might put my salmon and broccoli in another pita instead of having corn. I'm addicted to these pitas-they are so tasty-have no sugar, are high fiber, and only 50 calories for one. We're trying to clean out the freezer since it was left open overnight and everything defrosted.

Did you get lots prepped yesterday? How was leg day?

I ended up doing a BR w/o this morning. At lunch, DH walked a bit with me and then I ran 2 miles. I'm happy he got outside! Even with just 2 miles, I still had to walk a couple times. I'll get there. I gave him the To Do list. He'd already done a couple of things that are on the list and cleaned out a couple kitchen cabinets today. We need to go buy new light fixtures so he can install them. I'm loosely following Thrive. It was a sudden decision and I bought all the food and prepped. I'm still having my coffee as usual but am drinking the tonic after my workout and before my breakfast smoothie. Last night I had a glass of wine and today I had a couple squares of dark chocolate. Not terrible, but not on plan either.

Your family BBQ sounds like it went well. Way to go with the Peach Cobbler. The longer rotations do sometimes wear on you. When that happens I just throw in a favorite, like what you did. What kind of Pita bread do you have? How do you like the fair life milk? I'm refraining from dairy, but have seen it in the store. Oh no, sorry about the freezer. That happened to us and we ended up cooking a ton of food instead of throwing it out.
Did you see that the Thrive cookbook will be out next week? I can't wait. We didn't lose too much from the freezer-mostly from the door-some locally caught fish and some frozen bananas. So, yes, yesterday I cooked up a bunch of salmon, chicken breasts, corn, and frozen broccoli! The Pita bread is called Joseph's Flax, Oat Bran and Whole Wheat Pita Bread. They carry it at the deli counter at my grocery store. There are mini loaves of 8 and bigger loaves of 6 in a pack. DS2 likes the chocolate milk and DH uses the fat free for his cereal. I'm back to almond for smoothies, but have a little chocolate once in a while (chocoholic from way back?!). Fair life has more protein so that's why we've been getting it.

Glad to hear DH is feeling better and getting some work done and walking. I just checked my calendar and I've worked out nine days in a row. I was thinking of going to the pool-it's 82% humidity here. I'm finally sleeping better so the step down is not such an issue. Only the last, final step to go! I'm not ready yet, but soon. DS 2 leaves Monday for DC then his shadowing will be in Jackson, Mississippi for 3 weeks. It looks like he'll have to fly to San Francisco the weekend before he starts work. I have no idea how he's going to get an apt. and car so fast, but he's not worried, so I'm trying to just let him figure it out. We still don't know how/when the the dog gets there either.

I did a BR w/o on Wed morning and then SuperSets lower body blast premix at lunch. It's only 30 minutes but it was tough for me. Yesterday I had an early meeting so I just walked to the credit union at lunch (75-80 minutes). At least I got in my steps. This morning I went and weighed in at WW, but didn't stay for the meeting. Honestly, I'm basically just maintaining my weight. It's a bit frustrating, but I also haven't been following the plan and tracking and like I should. My goal for this next week is to track everyday. I'm enjoying my Thrive week. Only 3 days to go, but I'll have some food left to carry me into next week. My belly feels better without the meat. Oh, the flooring folks called and we are to remove all furniture from the main floor except the bedroom. That's 2 living spaces, kitchen, and coat closet. We are going to move my office to the basement for the time that they will be here.

Thanks for the info on the bread. 9 days straight, you probably need a break. Wow, hope DS2 is ready for the real world-it's here. I'm sure he'll be fine. I agree, not much time to find an apt and a car. You and Dan will have to visit and bring the dog. That way you can see where he lives and how he his doing. It will give you piece of mind with him on the other side of the country. :)
Today ended up being my rest day. I went to the pool Wed. and Thurs. I did Ramped Up Upper Body. Pleasantly sore today, so slept in, stretched, and will just get my steps in at work. I'm off this weekend and soccer is on an international break (boo) so can work out and help DS2 pack for DC. We're driving him to the airport Monday morning-he flies out of State College at 6:30 AM-so it'll be a long day!

I'm barely maintaining right now. I'm back up even with tracking. Still trying to just eat healthy. I am so excited that you get to move all your furniture! At least some home repair is getting done in your house. We have heard nothing past the initial visit no from two different contractors. Plus the two guys we talked to about doing the basement steps have not gotten back to us either.

The weekend is flying by. I went to my WW meeting on Friday morning and just walked at lunch. Saturday was a BR w/o. Not sure what I will be doing today, besides moving furniture into the garage and basement. Friday night we went to Karaoke and I danced a bit, while DH was playing pool with his friends that were there too. Saturday we went to a surprise party the church had for my MIL. It was a last minute thing that we didn't hear about until Tuesday. We will be doing our own family birthday celebration with her later. Then I went to a BBQ at my sisters house for her 50th birthday. It was a fun day! This morning I have a haircut appt and then will be doing the filing, laundry, shopping, mowing the lawn, and moving furniture. All the kids will be over to help too. :)

Wow, I'm surprised you haven't heard back from the contractors yet. In our area, due to the high housing costs, many folks are just renovating/updating their existing homes and contractors are very busy. They also are charging a lot. You do have a long day ahead of you tomorrow. Enjoy your day!
Oh my gosh, my house is a disaster. DH is sore from all the furniture moving he and the kids did. I really just carried boxes of stuff from the desk etc to the basement and my work station too. They came and tore out the carpet on the main floor, except for the bedroom. They have delivered the laminate, carpet pad and carpet. Tomorrow they are tearing out the hardwood floor in the kitchen and entry way. They covered all our cabinets/counters with plastic. I wish I knew they were doing that so I could've grabbed some food from the cupboards to have handy. We moved our coffee pot upstairs to my office for right now. Trying to get a few dishes and silverware to eat with was a bit tricky.

Oh, I finally did get in a BR w/o at lunch today. I hope to get in something each day. My eating over the weekend was not the best. I can't make my smoothies right now. I do have plenty of fruits and veggies though. I think we may be eating out for a few days.

What are you up to?
I'm half heartily doing workouts. Sunday I did Cardio Kicks-modified and didn't feel like it was that good. Monday I did abs and leg only exercises from Cardio Leg Blast. We got up at 2:30 Monday morning and got to the airport at 5:45. The plane ended up being delayed and not leaving until 7:30. We dropped him off and headed home around 6:30. I went back to bed for 4 hours. Then we took our younger cat to the vet. After that I worked out and went to play cards at 4. Slept in today as well! DS2 texted last night and sounded really happy. We had a nice day with him Saturday going shopping for pens, paper and a new briefcase. We ate out in Corning, NY at a new seafood and Thai restaurant-a surprisingly good combo. I think my weight gain has me depressed. I need to eat less.

I so glad to hear the renovations are underway! You'll be putting things back in place in no time and enjoying your new floors!

We cannot use our kitchen and it is so frustrating. I wish we could've done the kitchen remodel too. Today they tore out the oak flooring in the kitchen and entry way and removed all the baseboards. I'll be happy when they start laying the floor. It is so dusty in the house too. They are supposed to finish the laminate this week, but at this rate I'm not sure that will happen. Tomorrow they are tearing out the fire place and removing the last of the oak floor-under the oven and dishwasher. They tore out under the refrigerator today.

Just do what you want to do. Sometimes that is what is needed to get us back on track. Eating less, or more of the right foods is always hard to do. I got my Simple Green Cookbook today and started looking through it. Did you get yours?
I did get my cookbook! I made the pumpkin spice pancakes yesterday and they were/are great. Your kitchen is probably still not ready to use is it? What are you looking to make first? Next time I'm off I want to make the thai lettuce wraps. The "meat" in that recipe looks good .

My latest workout regime is: cardio day, upper body weight day, cardio day, lower body weight day-and then just repeat until I need or have to take a day off. So Monday was CLB for weights, Tues. a walk, Wed. PUB, Thurs. AOLIH and work at the library cleaning and sorting books for the sale next summer. I didn't sleep well last night...Today is lower body weights and I'm thinking about Lower Body Blast without the cardio blasts or inserting low impact cardio blasts.

Are you getting rid of or replacing your fireplace? This sounds like a big job you have going. Take pictures! I want to see!

I did get a BR workout in yesterday. My workouts have been hit or miss and my house is still a disaster. The new floors are finally going in and look beautiful. I mentioned to the installer that I didn't think they brought enough material. He hadn't checked as he felt the folks that brought the material would've brought the right amount. He checked the measurements of the material against our square footage, and I was right, they only brought half the material. The other half will be delivered on Tuesday and has to acclimate for 24 hours. He's going to finish installing the last of the laminate here, and then work on the fireplace today. We are just removing the ceramic tiles around the fireplace and replacing them with stacked stone. Monday and Tuesday next week the plan as of right now is to do the carpeting upstairs. We are getting there! I haven't looked at any of the recipes yet, just started reading the intro. I can use my kitchen again, but it is still very dusty in the house. I'm taking pictures and will send you the link to the album when it's done.

I like your new rotation. Did you finish the previous rotation you were doing, or did you just move on? I want to start STS when my house is back in order. Probably a couple more weeks.
My eating was out of control yesterday. I haven't been tracking and it's showing. Back on track today. I also haven't been getting in my gallon of water for last 3 weeks. I did get that in yesterday and also had over 14K steps. Yesterday I did BM2 Cardio Blast premix and RWH BSB. Today will be a BR w/o and a Cathe leg workout at lunch. Today the flooring guy will have a helper, they plan on doing the stairs and bedrooms upstairs. We emptied 2 of the rooms and hope they will do those first and we can move the master bedroom furniture into one of those. Oh, today is our 30 year anniversary! We don't have any plans, but will celebrate after we get our house back together.

How was your weekend?
How was your weekend? Clean Max workout? I got a walk with the dog in Saturday between soccer matches and Muscle Max upper body premix and abs in on Sunday. I got to watch lots of soccer and then worked at night. Still not sleeping as well as I'd like-wake up, go to the bathroom, then try to get back to sleep a couple of times a night. By 7AM I'm tired of trying to get back to sleep, so I just get up. I'm planning on going to the pool today. Tonight is cards and book club (read Americanah which I liked a lot more than I thought I would). I thought based on the title that it would be in black dialect, but it wasn't. I have a hard time reading Mark Twain because of the dialect he incorporated. Anyway, I'm rambling!

You got a lot of workouts in over the weekend. Plus all the moving of furniture. Happy Anniversary!

I don't think my post from this morning went into the system until just now. I have gained a solid two pounds. I'll lose 1, then gain it right back. Maybe I should just keep them and make them my new normal? Menopause-that's to blame! I made a nice smoothie today with tons of spinach, chocolate protein powder, and some frozen fruit. I think I'm more "regular" when I eat a lot of spinach. I had spinach salad for dinner last night at work, too.

Oh-I applied to work at our local grocery store today-Weis. It would be part time cashier. After my last weekend at work I have had it. It pains me to see how little staff we have for the people we care for.

How is the remodeling going? I can not wait to see the pictures! Not much going on here. Walking the dog a lot and getting ready for DS2 to come home Friday night (i.e. got a lot of protein moved to the kitchen freezer in preparation to cook). He has really been enjoying D.C.-met up with some Liverpool fans and spent the evening with them. I'm a little jealous!

Yesterday was leg weight day for me. I did Lean Legs and Abs from the CTX series. That one always feels like I get some cardio benefits as well! I've been eating lots of spinach and feeling pretty good.

I went for a 30 minute run yesterday morning. I was so sore afterwards. I need to keep running though since I have some races planned. 2 10K's, one is November 4th and the other is Thanksgiving morning. I think my gait will improve the more I run-I hope anyway. Definitely need to add in foam rolling and plenty of stretching. Perhaps today I will get in the legs and next RWH w/o that didn't happen. My weight is up, my workouts are down, and my eating is bad. I've got the full trifecta going on. The house is coming along. The carpeting is done upstairs, the master bedroom furniture is back and most of my office has been set back up. I think today DS1 is off and will set up the girls' bedroom, and they should finish the laminate in his room and he'll take care of that one too. I think we need to have the front living room cleaned out so they can start working on the trim tomorrow. We moved the upstairs bedroom furniture into that area. We should be able to get everything back together this weekend. Now I'm looking at plantation shutters for the windows on the main floor. We have drapes, the same ones that were here when we moved in 20 years ago. The bedrooms all have new sheers with light color drapes. I hear they are very expensive, but if we are only doing a few windows, I wonder how much it would be.

I can't believe you want to work as a cashier. Is this just for extra money? Have you looked into other options like a dr. office or surgical center? Sorry about the sleep issues. Those are the worst. Oh, don't forget to rotate your greens in your smoothies. Kale, spinach, etc.
I'm still taking ongoing pictures and will share them with you when the job is done.

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