Damage Control May 2018

Happy May!

It's sunny and warm here, finally! Going for a bike ride later today. I finished out the month of April yesterday with the bonus total body premix on the Pyramid DVD-feeling it today, for sure.

The interview went really well and they offered me a part time job if all my background checks are approved-which I've had so many of them since I was in the schools, coached soccer, and taught Sunday School. I got no sleep though last night. I think the upcoming changes are what are keeping me up. I have to keep telling myself that I'm trying out the home health and will still have my full time job. I'm nervous that work will find out about this. DH thinks that'll be good for them.

I also got a call for an interview at a home for mentally disabled adults. Hours are 8-4 Monday-Friday. Now I have to decide about that! So that's why I can't sleep.

Did your refi come through? My fit bit charger broke now. I ordered a new one, but gosh, they sure don't make stuff like they used to!

Hope your week is going well.

Happy May Day

This morning was another BR w/o and a walk with DS1 at lunch. He's way behind on his child support and is blaming their Mom. So childish. She called me in tears because my son was so rude to her. Sheesh, he wouldn't be in this position if he was paying her. I understand both sides, but at the end of the day he needs to provide for his girls. I booked the flight for the girls trip this summer. I'm so excited to see them. On the refi- the appraiser is coming to appraise the house on Thursday. Once that is complete, I think we can schedule a closing date. I don't anticipate any problems, we have approx $275K in equity, maybe more depending on what the appraisal is. We are taking such a small amount anyway. The only reason for the cash out refi versus a home equity loan is to maintain our current expenses (costs), ability to get new floors, and allow DH to stay home for a short time if he decides. Not sure if I mentioned that DS1 got me the Fitbit Versa. I can't get it to pair with computer app, only my phone app. Not the end of the world, but annoying. The battery only lasts 4 days, but it doesn't seem to take too long to charge. It has many features, my favorite is that I can wear it in the shower and swimming!!!

Nice way to finish out the month!! Congratulations on the getting the job!!! Would you want to go back to working a normal schedule? You would have normal work weeks, weekends and holidays. That sounds promising if the pay is good. Would you be salaried or hourly with optional OT? I've always been salaried, but those are some questions I would ask. Sorry about the charger, better than having to replace the tracker.

Well, I decided not to take the job that's 8-4. My plan is to keep my full time spot and work in home care when I can. I know it means working more, but I want to see if home health is for me. Plus, I would have the opportunity to learn new things through home health-specifically tracheostomy and ventilator care. I feel like I need to keep learning. I'd also like to take a course in phlebotomy (blood draws) if that is offered around here.

I don't know if I'm going to get ICE 2. I'm finding that I'm not using Cathe for cardio. I do like her weight workouts so might just get those. My joints feel a million times better with minimal impact (walking, swimming, and biking). My dexa scan came back pretty much the same from two years ago-osteopenia, but not osteoporosis. Also, my mammogram came back ok! All I have to get through now is the colonoscopy later this month.

Heading to the pool now before work. Have a good day!

No workout today. My intention was to do a step workout today after my 7am meeting. Well I ended up working 9 straight hours and now all I want to do is take a nap. GGRRR. I just do not have any energy. I'm so thankful I took tomorrow off. I have a ton of things to do but may just catch up on all my recordings instead. I think DS1 and I will go get the girls signed up for summer camp a couple days/week. I did Cardio Slam earlier this week but stopped at the step section due to time. I didn't remember all the lunges, jump lunges, I modified those a lot.

Glad your mammo came back okay. The colonoscopy prep is awful. I don't even remember having the procedure. :) I haven't decided on ICE 2 yet. This is where the On Demand comes in handy, you can try before you buy.
Well today was 16 weeks of WW and I'm within 3lbs of my starting weight. I have my annual physical on Tuesday and am going to talk to my dr. about my peri-menopause symptoms, weight loss, and some blood work I need to have rechecked. Since I'm off today, I'm going to give Imax 3 a go.

What are you up to?

I have been busy getting things in order for my new part time job. I had to have my doctor sign a physical paper, find my diploma, work on renewing my license, and get a paper from work. I've been working out-Thursday I did STS Total Body (liked it) and Friday I did Low Max the premix of warm up and rounds 4-7. Yea! My back/hip are still ok. Today is Aaron's graduation!!! No workout, gotta figure out what to wear. We're driving down in two vehicles so he can have one for his internship.

I can't wait to hear what your doctor says. My clothes are getting tighter in the midsection even though my weight is stable-frustrating. How did Imax 3 go?

Yesterday I did STS D3-legs and 4DS Kickbox. Today I did STS D1-CSB and then a BR Ab workout. It was tough. It was 50 sec work/10 sec rest, numerous exercised repeated 3 times. It was about 45 minutes and then had a bunch of stretches at the end. So I may give STS another go. My legs need extra work so doing some kind of legs every other day is sounding appealing. I'm thinking a cardio/leg like CLB or HMLB and any of the BR legs. Imax 3 was pretty challenging but I got through it. I think I may have Achilles tendinitis in my bad foot. It was hurting before my surgery and I figured it would heal itself while I was on the mend. I've been icing it each day and that seems to help. The refi folks need more paper work from us. The last document is for our solar, they said our solar provider could provide it.

Congratulations to Aaron!!! STS total body is great, the leg premix is really good too. Have you looked at the new dvd series? I know you mentioned you didn't think you would purchase them, but they are all low impact which might work well for you.
Yesterday I walked indoors with the weight vest-about 2 miles. I'm still waiting on the right charger for my fitbit. This will be the last time I buy something for it. I'll either upgrade or forgo the whole thing. It seems like something is always breaking on it after a year!

Graduation was geat! I definitely ordered the LITE series. No impact sounds perfect for me. My hips are ok after walking yesterday-after stretches and some pops in the joints.

I think it's great you're going to do STS again. Maybe I should try it again with weights I can handle instead of trying to go real heavy. I could also just do what I want and only do 40-45 minutes of round 1. Something to think about. Next Monday is my orientation for my new job. I'm hoping to transition into a part time job now that we don't have the huge college bills.

Yesterday I did HCLB and walked in the afternoon. I've been getting in 10K steps most days. Today will be a BR w/o and STS D2-B&T. I love STS. It's a progression, so you don't have start out super heavy, just challenging enough to allow you to finish all the reps. It would be wonderful if you wanted to join me. I'm not as muscular as I've been in the past, my real goal is to decrease my body fat. That's really important to improve or maintain our muscle mass. Also, the scale I'm using shows by body fat is high and muscle is low. Also, my water is low even though I've been drinking a gallon a day. Muscles hold water, I need to work on that. Oh, I've been looking at IIFYM (If it fits your macros). They provide a nutritional macro plan for weight loss. I haven't pulled the trigger on the new series yet, but probably later today. I can finally get my bike shoe on, and then noticed that my tires are flat. I didn't ride at all last year. It's just not as fun when you have to ride by yourself.

How wonderful to be able to work part-time! I'm a tad jealous. My little sister just quit her job too. I hope you like the home health care and are able to leave your stressful job behind. More time for you and DH to ride together.
Yes, it would be wonderful if I can actually pull it off! Still working full time and will see how the home health goes. It would be a lot less stress having to care for one as opposed to 50-60 some nights.

Yesterday I did X10-the low impact and step premix. I didn't jump on my step moves so it was all good. I think I'm taking today off. I might take a walk before work, but I have been sleeping terribly and have no energy. My eye is twitching constantly. I bought a eye covering to wear to block out the light-hope it comes today.

I've been "fasting" from 8 PM to noon the next day for a couple of days. Not gaining anyway.

We are getting the last documents for our re-fi. We have been conditionally approved pending the last documents. Unfortunately, they wanted some IRS forms that we are unable to obtain electronically and they will be mailed and we should receive them in 5-10 days. Hopefully that won't push out the closing date. We anticipate closing near the end of the month. That would give us 1 month without a house payment which would be great. We could use that money to cover the DS3's $850 car repair and the girls $400 airfare. I'm so tired of these extra expenses. I guess this is life. This morning I did a BR cardio/circuit in the morning and STS D2-B&T. The weather is so nice here, mid 70's. DS1 and I walked this evening. Tomorrow is my physical. I should be able to do a short w/o in the morning.

Good luck with IF. Not sleeping is the worst. It is so draining. Hope you find your sleep soon. Is the melatonin not working? I only use it on occasion if I go several nights without sleeping.

Hi-Home from a 10 hour night at work. My mask came in the mail today (did I tell you I ordered one?). It's black and covers your eyes. I'm going to try it tonight-although I might just put it on when I first wake up in the morning if it's too annoying. Work is so stressful. I hate to complain, but I feel like I'm on the edge. I know what you mean about extra expenses. I try not to worry too much. I really need a trip to look forward to. I love to travel and it motivates me to work knowing I have something to look forward to.

Today I walked with the weight vest. I wish my fitbit was working. I must have done 10 miles altogether with the walk and work.

I just got back from my WW weigh in and am down 1.4lbs. I'll take it. I wasn't able to get in a w/o yesterday morning but I did walk for an hour and a half. I had my dr. appt but wasn't fasting so will go back next week for the blood work. Overall I'm just a healthy person. I did talk to her about the hot flashes and said there is medication if they get too bad. She also mentioned that any estrogen based med's will interfere with my thyroid medication. I also talked to her about my weight, which she said not to worry about too much. She said all the tables and charts are outdated and not a good measure of health. Someone may be overweight but eat healthy and exercise and they are may more healthy than someone at an "ideal" weight but who doesn't exercise or eat healthy.

My fitbit surge charging cable is no longer recognized by any computer I plug it in to. DS3 is getting me a new cable. I have 3 fitbits and alternate between them. I'm loving the Versa! You can wear it in the shower, swimming, it is awesome. I also use my surge and flex 2. I just swap them out for charging. I also use the Polar A300 for w/o's. I wear it all the time though and it also tracks steps. If you want one that will last a long time, I would recommend a Polar or a Garmin. Fitbit was really about just getting people excited about walking and getting folks on their feet. They accomplished that. Now they are competing with the Apple Watch and other fitness trackers.

I hope the mask helps out. When do you expect to get your charging cable? How disappointing to walk all that way and not have it tracked. Do you have Mother's Day plans? We are having my MIL over for dinner on Sunday.


I'm glad the doctor realizes how healthy you are! Working out, lifting weights, and drinking lots of water and eating clean a majority of your time pays off. My charger arrived and I'm back on the fitbit! I did find I missed it, so when this one goes I'll get something more sophisticated. The mask is helping a lot. I wake up early, put the mask on, and get at least another hour and a half of sleep. Of course, 10 hour nights at work are making it hard to get up as well. I only have tonight then am off until Wed. Tomorrow DH and I are driving to Penn State because DS2 asked me to come for a mother's day brunch. Should be fun and am looking forward to it! DS1 probably doesn't even recognize it's mother's day. He really doesn't "do" holidays and balks at all of them. So weird, but that's the way he is.

I've been working out all week-the weather has been nice up till today so I've been getting outside instead of going to the pool. Tuesday I rode for 40 minutes and then did the leg section of HSTA. Wednesday and Friday I walked with my vest. Thursday I did CTX leaner legs. Today I'm going to do the ICE chest x4 and back x4 premixes.

Well, it's already after 11. I better get exercising before work. I hope everyone shows up tonight. Enjoy your weekend and seeing your MIL!

I had a wonderful Mother's Day and hope you did too! I worked out in the morning. DH cooked a prime rib and also made cheesy potatoes in the crock pot. All I did was throw together a salad and cut up some fruit, oh and I made a lemon cream pie. Also for dessert I bought some chocolate covered strawberries that were delicious. Today I did a BR w/o this morning and STS disc 6-legs at lunch. I just finished a 20 minute walk to finish up 10K steps.

How was your Mother's Day?

I had a lovely mother's day as well. Aaron treated me to brunch and then we took him shopping for internship clothes. He started yesterday and all is going well. Speaking of yesterday, I went to the orientation and decided I did not want to work in home health. The patients are primarily disabled mentally and physically and my goal is to help the elderly who want to stay in their own homes (as my grandmother did). The company is not real happy with me today since I called them and told them. They still want me to come back down tomorrow to see if we can come to an agreement about cases. Oh well. I'm not going, so will stay where I'm at for now. I did apply today to work in a doctor's office about 15 miles away. We'll see.

Good job getting all your steps in! I struggle with them when I don't work. Only got 5 hours of sleep last night. Got my hair cut today-shoulder length and more blunt than it was. I like it. It doesn't feel like it's weighing me down.

Today I did PHA. Felt good after just walking a lot on Sunday and Monday.

My body is sore today. My intention was to do a kickbox w/o before my dr. appt this morning. I'm not sure that's going to happen. I did legs on Sunday and can really feel it. Yesterday I did a BR w/o in the morning and STS D4-CSB at lunch. I finished up my steps my walking after dinner. Having a desk job definitely makes it tough getting in my steps. Today is my fasting blood work since I wasn't fasting at my last appt.

Sorry the home health didn't work out for you like you planned. PHA is a tough w/o, it just never slows down. Great job. My DIL's mom was an ER nurse for many years until she was in a car accident and her injuries prevented her from being able to continue that job. She went to work for an eye surgeon and she loves it. The surgeries are scheduled in advance and you know what your day will be on most days. She works normal business hours, has holidays off etc. I think the Dr office sounds like a good option.
I'm sore today. PHA is one of my favorites-the next series is having a PHA 2! Tuesday I did Xtrain AOLIH and Thursday I walked 45 minutes with the vest. My hip flexors are feeling tight, but my back is good. It's always something!

How did your blood work turn out? An office job would be ideal, but they are pretty hard to get. So we'll see. As DH says, if I don't apply, I'll never know.

I'm off to the pool/hot tub for a workout. What are your weekend plans? Will you watch the latest royal wedding? I'm watching the FA cup for sure. Besides that, I want to get some cleaning done.

I hope to get the results of by blood work either today or Monday. My cholesterol has been a little high the last couple years, but my good cholesterol is off the charts so they said not to worry about it. We'll see what it is this year. Yesterday was my cardio/leg day and I did LIHI Legs with the 10lb vest. I'm working through STS with an additional leg day each week. I'm also using BR for my morning cardio w/o's and also doing their Lives. I've been doing great with my steps too! Oh, I'm taking my road bike in for a tune up and I'm looking at hybrid also. They have one on sale for $499. It would be nice to be able to ride on the dirt/gravel trails near my house. We will be getting the girls new bikes too so we can all ride together. I sent the last piece of paperwork for our refi yesterday. Now we are just waiting for the final approval and closing date. I'm sure it will be towards the end of the month.

We are going to a surprise graduation party for my niece that is a nurse. She didn't want a party because she had a big party for her Bachelor's in Health Care Management. Then she went straight into nursing school. We took her out to dinner and gave her money already, but we are going to the party also. I might record the wedding and watch it later.

All you can do is keep applying. Eventually something will come through for you. Enjoy the weekend!!
Yesterday I did a BR w/o followed by STS D5-Back & Triceps. We went to my nieces surprise graduation party and had a wonderful time with friends and family. Not sure what workout I will do today. The rest of the day will be laundry, grocery shopping etc. Oh, not sure if I mentioned that DS2 took me out to dinner on Friday for Mother's Day. Unfortunately, he didn't take any more stuff out of his room. I'm just going to box it up and see if we can either put in the top of the closet or in the garage. Oh, we should hear back about the re-fi on Tuesday, hopefully with a closing date.

How are you spending the weekend?


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