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No workout Saturday. DS2 broke up with his girlfriend and was in need of support. We were drained by the time we got home. Today I hope to either go to the pool or do the upper body workout premix on Athletic Training. We're playing cards tonight. What is on your agenda?

Is it Sunday already. This cold just seems to be lingering. I did feel well enough to do a BR w/o yesterday. I'm going to give CLB a try this morning and if I'm up to it I'll tackle the next STS disc. Other than that, just the typical stuff-laundry, shopping etc. DS1 will be moving down to the main floor bedroom now that DS2 has finally collected almost all of his things. DH said he would get the new ceiling fans up to....it's only been 5 months. DS1 has been so helpful with getting the bedrooms organized for the move and he will be doing most of the work. I'm going to look for new bedding for the girls bed and new curtains for the main floor bedroom. I don't think DS1 likes that, but it is still my house and he is just using one of the rooms. I can decorate it as I see fit. :)

Sorry to hear about DS2 and his GF. Enjoy cards tonight!
Cards went well. Monday brought a blood clot in my dad's left arm. It seems like it's always something now. DS2 called crying on Sunday night. He's going away for a few days so DH met him halfway last night to pick up the dog. My workout today was a long walk with her! I'm upset about having to go into work later. One day at a time, right?!

Did the refi go through? How much longer will your DH work?

I'm trying to keep up with my workouts. I did a BR w/o and STS disc 10 on Monday. Yesterday was just a 30 min BR w/o and a walk. Today is super busy so I'm not sure what I will be able fit in. At least a walk for sure this evening. DS1 and the hubs finally got one of the new ceiling fans up. Cody moved to the main floor bedroom so the guest bedroom is empty. The plan is to install that new ceiling fan and move the girls room over this weekend. Then I will have a dedicated office! The re-fi came through just fine. We are still working out the details prior to DH giving his notice. Insurance is at the top of the list. DH carries insurance for himself and DS3. I'm okay with them going without insurance for a couple months, but any more than that is worrisome. You never now what might happen. We are hashing out the expectations of what he will be doing when he is off. Sitting on the couch and drinking all day will most definitely not work for me. If we don't plan this, I see a lot of fighting in our future. There is plenty to be done around here that he has neglected. He's aware of that too.

Oh no, sorry to hear about your Dad. Poor man, I sure hope he gets some relief soon. Young love is so hard. I hope your DS can find some peace soon.
Sounds like your house is shaping up nicely. It will be nice for you to have an office! Good job on the workouts. I took the dog for a long walk yesterday and then did just Pull Day weights from Fit Split. It was 40 minutes and felt good. Worked until 11:30 last night and slept in today. Still having to do all the stretches twice a day. Hope to take the dog for a walk today-it's only 57 out right now! Am definitely doing Push Day then go to work later.

Hi! I've been busy walking the dog and helping out at the town library book sale. Yesterday I did the Push workout and today will be the leg weight workout from Fit Split. My cardio/endurance is probably low since I'm not really pushing myself on walks, but I'm doing more weights, so feel good.

I have to work all weekend. What are your plans?

It's been a hectic week. This lingering cold finally seems to be on the way out of our house. No workout yesterday. I had my WW meeting and was down .4. Makes up for the .4 I was up last week. I had to take my car to the shop to get a tire repaired. I was told it would take about 45 minutes. After waiting for more than 2 hours, they finally came and said, oh-we misplaced your car and it hasn't been looked at yet. UGH. I had their shuttle service bring me home and then they delivered the car to me. Thankfully they didn't charge me either. Then I had to pick DH up from work since DS1's car was in the shop and he drove DH's car. It was the big car shuffle yesterday, but today we have all the vehicles home and in working order. I plan on working out, just not sure what is on the agenda today. We have a surprise 50th bday party tonight for one of DH's cousins. There will be drinks, music, dancing and karaoke. It should be fun. The weather here has been in the 90's, 98 is the high for tomorrow.

You are getting in some great workouts. I only remember doing Cardio Slam from Fit Split. What's on your agenda this weekend?
No workout to report for yesterday, just walking. I definitely need to do something today. I'm thinking a cardio and the next STS disc. Nothing is really coming to mind yet so I'll just decide when I get downstairs. The rest of the day will be weekend chores: laundry, mowing, and grocery shopping. The birthday party was fun last night! It was nice to see everyone.

What are you up to?
Well, I worked out Sat.-did another long walk with the granddog. It is so nice having her here and having decent walking weather. Today it was raining so I just took a rest day. My uncle is in from Michigan so he and my parents are coming for dinner tomorrow night: fish, salad, roasted veggies (onions, peppers, potatoes), and some strawberry rhubarb crisp type thing with whipped cream. Also on Monday is a Pap test-after that I am done with all the doctor appointment unless I get sick this year. Also, have to restock books for the book sale for a couple of hours in the afternoon. I'm hoping it's not raining and I can walk the dog and do some upper body weights. We'll see! I've been getting up at 10 this weekend so may run out of time tomorrow. Oh, and I have to go to the store to get salad items! Busy day tomorrow.

Glad you had fun at the birthday party. We booked a hotel for July for the family reunion in Lancaster, Pa. I'm looking forward to it. My dad has 5 siblings and I'm feeling it may be the last time they are all together. (My life can be so depressing between work and watching my parents get old.) I know there is a time for every season.

Hope you had a good weekend. I am glad to be off for two days now.

Monday was a fun, busy day. The pap test is done, the books are restocked at the library, and dinner went very well. I should just make what we eat all the time for dinner-it goes so much better than big holiday meals!

I went to the pool for a quick workout and got all stretched out. Tonight we're supposed to meet DS2 halfway to give him back the dog. I will genuinely miss her. She is a lot of work, but really likes it here (gets more walks and treats from her grandparents!)

How is your week going?

I did an RTC w/o yesterday and one this morning. I've also been trying to get in at least 10K steps per day. I have 2 discs left to finish up STS meso 1. I'm going to move on to something else. I'm just committed to STS right now. I usually do STS in addition to another program and with the girls coming, I just won't have time or the desire. Since we don't have daycare for the girls, we'll probably be going to the park to play and perhaps even riding bikes. Rylee broke her wrist falling off her scooter. If she still has her cast, then we won't be able to ride bikes, or swim. My shoulder has been bothering me so I had a massage last night. DH got the second ceiling fan installed and now we will be moving the girls room in there. I bought them new bedding and drapes. The office will be the dumping ground for a bit while we get everything moved where we want it. I need to call and schedule the flooring. Oh, the washing machine is making a terrible sound when agitating. DH hopes to look at that soon. The extended warranty is no longer valid. Not sure if I mentioned our big TV had some reflector discs that fell. I had the warranty on that and they sent me a new TV! DS2 came and took the old one and he's going to try to fix it.

It sounds like you had a very nice dinner. I miss my parents everyday. Treasure every moment with them. I need to check out our new gym, they have a pool and I bet it doesn't get used much. My rec ctr pool has a lap pool, but it is always busy and some folks don't like to share their lane.
No workout to report for today. Nothing was sounding good and I guess maybe I just needed a rest day. I did go out and walk at lunch though. My heel has been bothering more and more. I iced it a couple of times today. It was hurting before my surgery so I had hoped that it would heal while I was recovering. Not sure there is much I can do about it. My washing machine started making a terrible noise during the agitation cycle on Sunday. It still worked so I did 2 loads of laundry today. The first load was fine. During the second load an error code popped up. I looked it up and it said to wait 30 minutes and try again. Same error. The soonest the repair guy can get here is Thursday. UGH. I was hoping to wash the girls bedding before they get here. Guess I'll be going to the laundromat this weekend. It's Father's Day and DH's birthday is on Monday.

What are you up to?
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Sorry to hear about your heel and your washing machine. Is it fixed now? Are the girls coming this weekend?! It sounds like they'll be there soon, anyway!

What do you think is wrong with your heel? PF? Bone spur? Maybe you should get it checked out.

World Cup started today! It's my favorite tournament. I did a low impact modified Hard Strikes today-felt good and my back is ok. I worked until midnight last night so getting anything done today was good. Work went really well tonight and if all my nights were like tonight I'd stay forever. I'm still looking, but nothing is in the works. The doctor office job never panned out.

I'm so tired. I haven't been sleeping very well and it's taking a toll. I was up 2lbs at my weigh in this morning, which I expected. I tend to make poor food decisions and/or eat more when I'm tired. I also haven't been working out as much, nothing is sounding good. I don't know what's wrong with me. I just want to sleep. The girls will be here on Wednesday. I'm going to have to find time to go to the laundromat. UGH The repair guy isn't coming until next Thursday. I have breakfast with MIL and DH for his birthday on Saturday morning. Father's Day on Sunday. I'm already stressing about the busy weekend. I'm not sure what's wrong with my heel. I hate paying for a Dr. visit for him to say rest/ ice/elevate etc. Oh, I bought a new collagen powder, Dr. Axe brand. It contains Type I, II and III. The brand I was using was best for skin and nails, but was missing type II which is good for cartilage.

Enjoy the World Cup! Sorry the Dr. office job didn't work out. Hopefully something will come along.
Hey, I've definitely been where you are with not feeling like doing anything. You have a LOT going on now and it can get overwhelming. Doing what I feel like doing helps me. Maybe going to the gym for a while would help-it gets you out of the house and has different activities.

Today I felt like doing upper body weights so I did ICE chest and back-4 rounds of each. It took about an hour. I don't have any plans this weekend. Will see my dad for sure, but that's all that's on the agenda. We'll probably get together to play cards and I'll make him tapioca (his favorite desert). DH and I may go to Wal-Mart to get some groceries. Monday morning we have to be at an eye appt. for him at 7:45 AM, so we have to leave at 6:30. I'll probably sleep on the way down since I'm not used to getting up that early anymore!

Have fun at the birthday and Father's day celebrations!

I'm feeling a bit better and am trying to get my w/o's in. I did a BR w/o yesterday and then Cathe's original bootcamp today. The kids and I got DH a new sound bar, speakers, and 4k blue ray player to go with the new TV. MIL cancelled breakfast yesterday as she is feeling under the weather. DH went over to her house yesterday anyway to take put in a new kitchen faucet, a new doorbell, and something with the toilet too. I took my bike in to have it tuned up and put a new seat on it. I'm also looking at getting a new hybrid bike. It's a little more than I want to spend though. I want to stay around $500, and this one I want is $650. Not terrible, but I will have to also buy the girls new bikes. Oh, the girls room is done!! DS set up my office, we turned the desk around etc. It's still a mess since it is the catch-all room. I'm going to start cleaning it out later today. DS1 had to work today, but DS2 is coming over around 2pm to cook steaks on the grill. We will also have salad, cole slaw, potato salad, rolls, and I made a cheesecake for dessert.

How are you spending the weekend? Working?
I miss Bootcamp! It's pretty much low impact for me now. Yesterday I did Low Max-the last 4 combos and the only blasts combo. It ended up being about an hour and felt good. Today I did Butts and Guts, but only the Butts part. By the time it got to the abs I just wasn't feeling it. It was still almost an hour of legs! Then I stretched.

Been watching World Cup this weekend! There have been so many games on. Heading over now to my parent's house. Made tapioca for my dad this morning.

You sound like you had a really good weekend! Glad the room is done and dinner sounds great. I need to get out on my bike again... Hope your MIL feels better.

Yesterday I did BR w/o in the morning and another one at lunch. My day was full of meetings and it was nice to get away from my desk for a bit. I also picked my bike up from the shop. I had them put a new women's seat on it and am looking forward to trying it out. My weight was ugly this morning after the Chinese food we had last night for DH's birthday. I'm looking forward the girls' arrival tomorrow. Oh, I may head to the laundromat again tonight. UGH If I was certain the repair man could get my washer working on Thursday, I'd probably just wait. I'm not sure though and the laundry is piling up.

How is your week going?
My week is good so far. We went to see the eye doctor yesterday and Dan will have surgery to remove a membrane from the viscous fluid behind the cornea. Normally the body removes it, but with age this slows down. Surgery is scheduled for Aug. 1st. The doctor said he'd then need cataract surgery a few months later so we have that to look forward to as well! I've been watching lots of soccer and played cards again last night at the usual Monday game. Just walked yesterday for an active rest day. Today I did a low impact circuit on the 4DS DVD. The cardio on there is easier for me to remember than some of the newer routines. Walk-walk-turn always messes me up though! It had some weight work for upper body in between the step segments. I have to work tonight, Wed. and Fri. then am off for 10 days. I had put in for the time off when I thought I might take the home health job. At least there will be lots of World Cup on! Sunday we're also going down to see Aaron again. He's feeling vulnerable about the big changes in his life (i.e. breaking up with Sonia and graduating).

Have a wonderful time with your granddaughters! I will understand if you don't check in much! They will keep you busy.

I got in a BR w/o this morning and then walked with the girls and DS1 at lunch. I'm off tomorrow and we will be heading to the rec ctr to sign them up for gymnastics and possibly go swimming. I need to check the pool schedule. Also, the washer repair person will be here tomorrow afternoon, we'll have to be home for that. Hopefully it can be repaired and won't need to be replaced.

Eye surgery, yikes. I hope it all goes well for Dan. Yes, with 10 days off you should be able to see plenty of the World Cup! Can you record those that are on in different time zones and watch them later? I love walk walk turn! Honestly, I did have to watch this a few times before I got it though. I'm sorry Aaron is going through such a difficult time. All you can do is support him through this transition. He will come out stronger on the other side.

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