Damage Control August 2018

Hello! How is your week going? Mine has been a blur. DS2 rolled in at 4AM on Wed. morning. We've been unpacking the van and trying to get his stuff organized. Dan had his eye surgery Wed. morning and follow up yesterday morning. Then, best news ever: Aaron got offered a job!!!!!! It's with the same pharmaceutical company he interviewed with two weeks ago, but is located in upper CA (around the Berkley/Fremont area). He starts training on 8/20 and will have to move there by 10/15. We're still trying to wrap our heads around this.

Fitness wise, I'm still following the rotation of STS and LI. Yesterday was LI challenge and I did the 71 minute premix. Feeling great. Eating wise-we had dinner at 8:45PM last night. I need to get back on my schedule. It's been hard with the traveling and DS2 eats non-stop. I did get him to try a SGS yesterday and he liked it!

I have to go food prep now. Then Athletic Training later before work.

Sounds like we both are having busy weeks. I'd been trying to get something to work and just wasn't having any luck. Finally at 5:30 pm I had a success. I worked until 9pm on Wednesday and 9pm last night. I'm so tired. I've been getting in a workout in the morning and that's about it. This morning I went to WW and am basically the same, down .2. I've been doing pretty good with sticking to mostly plant based foods. I think I may be eating too much fruit though. I have fruit in my smoothie and then as a snack. I know all the sugar in fruit isn't really good when you are trying to lose weight. I'm feeling good in my clothes, abs are flatter etc. Progress pics are much better than the scale. Oh, I did get to take a break last night and go for a walk/run. Yes, I ran a bit in between walking. Of course I have no endurance, but my foot felt fine. I have a 10K on Thanksgiving so I need to get back in the saddle. I have to have my blood work again for the cholesterol and white blood cell count.

Good to hear your foot could take the running and being down is way better than being up! I think I might be eating too much fruit as well. I checked my blood sugar at work after a smoothie lunch and it was 132-and this was like 3.5 hours after I'd had it! It seemed high to me. Sounds like you're having a lot of non-scale victories. I'm afraid to run or do any impact. Today is a scheduled rest day and tomorrow I start week 3-First is one of the chest/back of meso 3. Monday is Legs and the rotation suggested Turbo barre if you don't want to do the plyo. I might just do a legs from meso 1.

It will be interesting to here if your cholesterol went down.

This morning I did RWH Back/Shoulders/Biceps. I might try to walk later to get in my steps. I'm working on adding more veggies to my diet and cut down a bit on the fruit. I had oatmeal with strawberries for breakfast, a green salad with peppers etc for lunch. I'm planning on a veggie dinner tonight too. I'm not giving up fruit, just cutting back a tad and adding more veggies. I bought asparagus, so thinking of the almond asparagus stir fry for dinner. I'm making a some mini desserts for my niece's wedding. Today I'm making mini almond joys and tomorrow I might make inside out peanut butter cups. I have to make about 125 of each. For the mini almond joys, I'm making them into small balls with 1 almond on top. I want them to fit in the mini dessert paper holders, plus I'll get a lot more from the recipe. :)

If you know impact causes your SI joint to slip out of place, avoiding it is a good idea. I modify all the time and don't think twice about it. It's just not worth being injured.
Today I did RWH CST and Tabatacise. I normally like to put legs between my upper body workouts, but I just wasn't feeling legs today. Tomorrow will be BR w/o in the a.m., and legs at lunch. I'm going to try for double workouts 2-3 times per week. I'm home and it will keep me from eating too. :) I have laundry going and I'm heading out to mow the lawn. We could use some rain and cooler temps. I'm sick of the 90's, are air conditioner is running non-stop.

What you up to this weekend?
Oh my gosh, your deserts sound wonderful! Your weekend sounded really good-lots of workouts, air conditioning, and getting caught up on things. I worked all weekend and am just trying to keep enough meals cooked for DS2. Sat. was my rest day and Sun. I did Chest/Back disc 25. I did all the exercises with lighter weights and more reps-gotta do what works. My low back felt tight last night, but I was able to stretch it out, take a Tylenol, and all is good today.

Leg day for me is today as well! I was planning on an STS from the first meso, but may end up doing LITBT-legs just for the time. I have a library meeting this AM, bridge at 4, and book club (at my house) at 7. I'm making SGS for breakfast and lunch, have to get food, (and ice) for tonight, and get ready most of the day. I hate that it's all on the same day! I need to see if I can borrow an ice bucket from my parents. Have I mentioned we don't have AC? Oh well.

On that note, I'm off to get busy. At least I'm off work for two day!

I was out of sorts all day. I couldn't sleep last night so I took melatonin at 1am. I finally got to sleep, but it wasn't great. The alarm seemed to come early, took longer to get my day going, started my w/o late so I had to do a shorter w/o than what I planned. Then I ended up having to work through lunch but thought I might be able to get out to walk a bit, it started raining right after I got changed. Not the best day. I did just get home from an 80 minute massage. I'm so tired I feel like I could just go to bed now. Oh, I forgot to mention that I opened a bag of chocolate chips and ate some. I don't know why I sabotage myself. I had the lemon/ginger tonic, the a smoothie with spinach, 1/2 banana, 1 cup pineapple and 1 cup water for breakfast. Lunch was a healthy veggie salad with balsamic vinegar and my snack was cherries. Ugh, why did I eat those darn choc chips???

Wow, you sure are busy on your off day! All that matters is that you are using a challenging weight for you. It's nice to know what weight Cathe is using as a gauge, but it really doesn't matter. Plus, Disc 25 is from meso 3, and if you are following the standard rotation you have 2 months to build up to the heavier weight. You don't get that with the Undulating rotation. Hope you were able to enjoy Bridge and Book Club.
Don't beat yourself up for some chocolate chips! You ate fantastic all day and if you go by the 80/20 rule, a few chips is not even 20%. Besides, chocolate has antioxidants :p.

I got everything done yesterday. All my social events in one day-hate that. Luckily next month we're meeting for library and book club on two different Mondays. I bought some fancy chocolates at the candy store, some grapes and cherries, and put out some cheese and crackers. It's too hot here to bake. So, yes, I had 4 chocolates myself last night and they were much bigger than chocolate chips! I only did LIHITBT-legs yesterday-but feeling worked out this morning.

We're going back to the eye doctor later for Dan's last check up. It's an hour so it takes a while. So, I'm doing that, Low Max (instead of Slide and Glide), and meal prepping for DS2 today. Did you get better sleep last night? You've had a lot on your mind with DH leaving his job and your job.

I had more than a few chips, probably 1/2 a cup or so. :) My massage left me very sore. The therapist told me I would be and to take some epsom salt baths the next few days. I went to bed early last night but took melatonin again because I wanted to make sure I slept. We all know that being tired doesn't equate to getting a goods nights sleep.

I tried to work out this morning, did 20 minutes. I just wasn't feeling it. It could be that I didn't get any coffee since I'm going in for my fasting blood work this morning. Perhaps just some grogginess from the melatonin. Is 3 months really long enough to make a change in your cholesterol? I am stressed about David leaving his job. He'll only be off for 3 days before we head out on vacation.

Well you got a lot accomplished on your day off, that's for sure! I hope Dan's appt goes well.

It's been a hectic couple of days. I worked from 6:45 to 5:30 today with a barely a chance to go to the restroom. I literally changed out of my pajamas at 5:30 so I could go walk. I'm a few hundred steps shy of 10K but should get those in before the night is over. I have another long day tomorrow. I'm so stressed and just want to take a day off. I'm trying to hold off since my vacation is coming up.

How was was Dan's appt.?
Dan's eye is doing pretty well. We go back in 3 weeks to make sure the air bubble that was uses instead of stitches completely resolves. He can ride bike again which is what he really missed! It's been too humid here to do much outdoors (except walk the dog).

Did STS #27 yesterday-S/B/T. It was long, but I don't mind a long one once in a while. Your work hours are crazy. I thought working from home would be more flexible. But DS1 does it here some and I can see from him and you that it's not. It's a lot of work-but at least you can be in your jammies!

Are you sleeping any better? At least you have vacation to look forward to!

I'm so tired. DH took off his cpap mask and snored in my face. I went down stairs to sleep to after a couple hours of nudging him and telling him to put his mask back on. Yesterday I did CLB in the morning and last night I did RWH BSB. I just got back from my WW meeting and am up .8. I ate a 1/2 bag of chocolate chips yesterday. My job is so stressful right now. It's starting to sound like this may continue through the end of the year. I'm drinking some coffee now and if I have enough energy I will do my planned BR w/o. Oh, I should probably get my results back today from the Dr. I'm thinking of doing STS when we get back from vacation. Oh, I called to get the flooring going again, they no longer have the laminate I chose. DH and I going in to the showroom next Thursday to select something else.

My gosh are you busy! I'm tired just hearing about it. Do you think you're working out too much? I took today off. Yesterday I did Leaner Legs instead of Slide and Glide. I was pretty sore today. Tomorrow is supposed to be rest, but I didn't do Cardio Supersets today, so will do that tomorrow. Sunday starts the fourth week already. First up is TBT-upper body-not one of my favorites, and it's on the schedule twice! Oh well. I can get through it (or maybe I'll sub PUB for one of them. We'll see how Sunday goes.

Soccer started back up tonight! Games all weekend. We're even making fish and chips for Liverpool game on Sunday morning. DS2 has been fishing and caught some bass and crappies. DH and I won't eat much of it.

I just got home from work. 4 days a week...gotta stick it out for the benefits. I hope you have a relaxing weekend off from work. We can't find anybody to do anything around the house. Maybe it's a sign that we should move? (I wish).

The weekend is flying by. Yesterday I did Cardio Slam and RWH CTS. Today I did GS Legs. I still need to go grocery shopping, mow the lawn and make more desserts my nieces wedding. I hope I get it all done. I can mow the lawn tomorrow night if necessary. I don't think I'm working out too much, the opposite in fact. The lack of consistency is not helping my weight or my attitude. I eat better on the days I get my exercise in the morning. Right now I'm drinking a smoothie made with spinach, an apple, protein powder and cinnamon. It tastes like apple pie-Yum! I haven't gotten my blood work back yet, probably tomorrow. I wonder how long it will take to get our flooring scheduled. The housing prices are so high here right now, that many folks are staying in their homes and updating them. That means contractors are in high demand and can charge whatever they want.

It seems like there was barely a break from soccer. :) PUB is a goodie for sure. It's nice to have to many options. It's not too much to add DH and DS3 to my insurance, but it does increase the deductible quite a bit on my high deductible plan. We gotta have insurance-I feel your pain. Enjoy your games today!
My weight was ugly this morning. Not sure why, but my legs are pretty sore from GS legs. Today I did a BR w/o in the morning and RWH BSB at lunch. I also mowed the lawn tonight. I was making another dessert in my food processor and it just died. I just emptied into the trash will check with my SIL to see if they desserts are needed. I've already made a ton of stuff that I need to take over there this week. I only have a small food processor and it was pretty full. I forgot to mention that I joined the abs challenge at the gym. It has 31 ab exercises, and the goal is to do a 30 second sprint (or 25 up/downs or 25 burpees), followed by 1 ab exercise for the length of a song. Try holding a boat pose for 3 minutes-my boat sank. :) You can do 1 a day or more, but you want to complete all 31 ab exercises by the end of the month.

What are you up to?
My weight was ugly on Monday as well. It's so frustrating. Life around here is much more chaotic with the dog and DS2 home. He's trying to build muscle and eats constantly, so we're always cooking. I need to get on a plan and stick to it instead of winging it everyday. It's been hard to keep smoothie items "in stock". When do you leave for vacation? This weekend? After the wedding? Sounds like you have a good excuse to get a new food processor!

Your ab challenge sounds great. Keep practicing on the boat pose! I'm still doing my rotation. Sunday was TBT upper body and my abs are sore from that. Monday was STS disc 17-legs. My whole body feels sore from that! Today is Athletic Training. It's nice not to have to decide my workout for a change.

Soccer was great. Liverpool won 4-0!

I finally pre-ordered the new DVD's. My weight was bad again this morning. Not sure what's going on, but I'm feeling good and strong. I'm drinking the lemon/ginger tonic in the morning. My legs are still sore from GS legs. This morning was a BR w/o and I'm thinking of doing a solid cardio w/o at lunch. I need some cardio to work out the stiffness in my legs. We are leaving either Friday or Saturday for vacation. I'm taking a couple kettle bells with me and probably some Insanity w/o's-no equipment needed and 30 minutes. I plan on doing a lot of run/walk to help get my running endurance back. Gotta start somewhere. I'm working on a project that is culminating next week so I will need to take my work computer with me. I'll also have my personal laptop and tablet. I will need to work a couple hours each day (except Friday) I think. We'll see how it goes. I already know Thursday will be a rest day. I have a 6am and 7am meeting, then we have an appt with the flooring company to pick new laminate. I'll have to get my hours in when we get home. Oh, and today is DH's last day of work.

Just popping back in to say my cholesterol is much lower. Total Cholesterol went from 245 to 200, and LDL (the bad cholesterol) went from 129 to 87, my HDL (healthy cholesterol) stayed the same. Guess eating plant based does make a difference. I'm not completely meat and dairy free. Meat maybe once a week, cheese a couple times per week. I was cheese free for years so it isn't really that hard to give up.

Yay for Liverpool!!! Great job keeping up with your rotation. I'm still trying to stick to mostly plant based foods, but have added in protein powder.

Gotta run...
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Great work on the cholesterol! Hope you have a relaxing vacation. I'm looking forward to next week on my rotation-just doing what I want! Things around here are pretty chaotic with the dog. I like routine and maybe that's why doing a rotation right now is helping me keep my sanity. Did another step down with my antidepressant so got 1 hour sleep on Tuesday night and 6 hours last night. I'm ok with that. I've been working on this for months and there's no turning back now.

Enjoy the cooler mountain weather!

My day started at 5:30 am and I didn't finish until 5pm. No workout to report for today. DH and I went and picked out the flooring-they do carry the laminate I picked out. We chose a different stacked stone for the fireplace, and it was actually cheaper. We paid our 50% down and it is schedule to be installed the week of September 10th and into the following week. I should take some before and after pics. I'm so looking forward to vacation! I'll probably skip WW tomorrow morning and w/o instead. We hope to leave mid day tomorrow. I plan on bringing a couple kettle bells and some Insanity w/o's. DS1 is coming up on Wed or Thursday, and the other 2 boys will just be heading up for the wedding on the 24th.

Enjoy your rest week. Those are my favorite weeks too when doing STS. I usually pick my favorite cardio w/o's to do. Good job weaning off the anti depressants. I took them for a short time years ago, but didn't like the way that made me feel so I stopped taking them. I don't know how you manage your schedule on 1 hour of sleep. I'll be checking in while on vacation.
The home remodeling gods must be smiling for both of us this week. We had a contractor come over yesterday to talk about the insulation, siding, gutters and trim for our house. We spent an hour and a half with him and are optimistic about getting some home repair/updates done soon! Crossing my fingers that we get a quote for the work. They said they could do it in October. We would be switching from a blue/beige trim look to gray and white.

Aaron officially starts with Vanda on Monday!!! He will have a meeting on the internet with the 20 or so other new recruits to discuss the benefits-I'm assuming he'll be signing up for things and getting paperwork in order? That's all we know so far: Monday 1-3:30.

Dan and I spent the afternoon yesterday with my parents in wine country. I feel like my dad is so fragile and try to see him a couple of times a week. So I ended up doing Low Impact Challenge at 7:30 last night! Today is Afterburn before work.

Been getting more sleep every night. The first night of the step down is always the hardest. I'll do this one for a couple of weeks and then I'm on the last step for a couple of weeks and then I'm done! My goal is to be off by the end of October.


trying to attach a picture of our new colors: https://www.google.com/search?q=cer...AUICygC&biw=1735&bih=881#imgrc=_BMndx44xakB9M:
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