Damage Control April!!!

Well I definitely need some damage control after today. Looking forward to starting whole 30 tomorrow. I'm going to stick to heathy proteins and veggies for the month. We spent the afternoon with the family at my MIL's. DS1 and I went for a walk went we got home. He's been working out every day and it's nice to have another healthy person in the house.

Happy Easter!!! Hope you had a great day with your family.

Alright! It's is finally April. I feel like March was way too long and was glad to turn the page on the calendar this morning (yesterday was a frenzied mess of brunch and work). I need to do stuff like water my plants and make a to do list and get meal prepping. I'm glad we're doing whole 30. I am not going to be eating a lot of meat, though. My goals are to: eat 3 good meals, not snack (except an RX bar at work), and eat no processed foods. So I might make a vegetarian chili with beans instead of meat. I know it's not true whole 30, but I'm in charge of me, right! I'll be doing lots of eggs and veggies for breakfast, salads, and whole 30ish at lunch and dinner. No processed is more important to me than no beans.

So glad you can wear a shoe and get walking! And you did a BR workout and another fitness minded individual at home. DS2 is like that, but he's away. The brunch was great. My frittata turned out really well and everyone enjoyed themselves. My dad is having skin cancer/plastic surgery next Monday. We need to enjoy our 50's because from what I can see, the 70's is when you really start falling apart. My mom starts PT today for her leg which hurts all the time.

I am off work until next Tuesday!!!! Still doing my home health job and loving that. It snowed here last night! DH did bike on 3/31 (he's trying to ride at least one day a month in the off season); so he just made it!

Happy Belated Easter! Glad you had fun with your family at your MILs.

Off to get breakfast since I just got up.

So I started the BR 30 Day Real Time Challenge and am fitting in their lives when I can. The flexion is getting better in my toe joint but man does it hurt. I can do high knees in the BR w/o's for the most part, but when it really starts hurting I have to change it up. My foot only fits in my running shoes. The swelling should go down over time, but I much prefer using my cross trainers for my workouts. I'm back to drinking a gallon of water each day, doing a w/o, and trying to fit in a walk if the weather is nice. I'm trying to eat clean and stick to mostly protein and veggies, not strict whole 30 but clean.

Enjoy your time off!!! My next off day is for Memorial Day. How nice that DH squeaked in ride just in the nick of time.
I've been stretching like mad. For some reason, my right hip joint is hurting. Yesterday I did the pool. Tuesday I did Low Impact on Fit Split-the premix of double. Maybe that was too much. Time will tell.

Clean sounds good to me! Good job with your plan. My dad is having a terrible time at PT (because it hurts). I'm glad you had your foot done sooner rather than later so you can work out for years!

We're off to Sam's club today to stock up on fish, nuts, and fruit.

I went to my WW meetings and am down 2.6lbs from last week. I gained some weight after my surgery from being sedentary and eating all the carbs DH was feeding me. I'm still up 1lb from my March 9th weigh in which was right before my surgery. I'm happy to see the scale moving in the right direction though. I'm not sure if all the skipping or walking is causing my foot to swell. It really hurt yesterday and I took ibuprofen several time and iced my foot to. I may try the elliptical at lunch and give my toes a break from all the jumping. Other than the pain, the flexion is getting better everyday I think. I'm starting to work on non-weighted lunges, but I still baby my right foot. I will continue working on these as it also helps with the flexion as long as I keep good form. It's coming along though, albeit slowly.

Sorry your hip is hurting. Oh, your poor Dad. Sometimes we have to go through the pain to become pain free. Is this PT for his shoulder? What are you up to today?

Went to the pool today. Finally got my hip (or all the muscles around it) stretched out enough. Days are sooo good when it doesn't hurt and sooo bad when it does. We are doing mini projects around the house this week that I'm off. We are buying a new runner for up the stairs, a light cover since one broke in the bathroom, putting all the passwords neatly into one book, and then just regular odds and ends like laundry, workout, etc.

This weekend starts tomorrow morning with Liverpool at 7:30 AM! Then I don't know. It's just nice getting paid and not having to work!

Your weight is almost back to normal!

Checking in today. Hip is feeling better. Walked yesterday without the vest for 48 minutes and did PHA with Abs today. I'm making a shrimp stew for dinner with shrimp, mushrooms, cabbage, carrots, and bok choy. Been doing my home job and am starting to feel like I might go for a home health job if I can find one with benefits. I really enjoy keeping people in their homes. What are you up to this weekend?

I didn't sleep very well and just got up-7:30. Hopefully I'll have some energy to do a workout after I get in my coffee. Otherwise I may just walk today. I worked out both days on the weekend and yesterday too. I've reached 10K steps each day too. My weight is very slowly moving down. DS1 put together a new TV stand that for my workout room and cleaned up part of the basement. He downloaded a total body workout app, a 30 day ab challenge app and a yoga app and he's been doing those each day and walking with me too. He also starts his new/transfer job at Best Buy today.

Glad you were able to enjoy your vacation and accomplish stuff around the house. It's such a good feeling. One of my cousins did home health care and she really enjoyed it. With that type of job you just need to worry about your client and not deal with office politics. Is it something you would prefer to do full time and eliminate your current job?

I'm doing my w/o a little later today since I have a 7am meeting. It's with the UK and it sounds like I may going back there again. :) I'll have to wait and see. Yesterday was another BR w/o and a walk. DH hates his job and stayed home the last 2 days and it looks like he's staying home again today. It's very frustrating. If your going to stay home, take care of the some the stuff around the house. UGH.

How is your week going?
Lucky you back to England! My week has been good. Work has been manageable, which is nice. It looks like this home job may finish up this weekend. Will have to see how the family makes out without me. I'll still be available though if they need further assistance. Tuesday I took off, Wednesday was pool, today I'm planning on TBGS with abs, and Friday pool again. I'm liking pool during the week when it's not so crowded. Tuesday evening they clean the hot tub so that's why I like to go Wed. I'm back to two total body days, two pools, and two other workouts. The others have been walks, low impact, or an extra upper and lower body weight work. I hope to work some biking in soon. We had snow here Tuesday. Today it's warmer (47), but raining.

Friday I did a short BR w/o after my weigh in. I was down .8. My total loss since January is 3.2. I'm really just hovering around the same number. Yesterday I did a 75 min BR w/o and today is another 75 min w/o. My foot is coming along, but it is still pretty painful. I'm getting my steps by just walking. The weather has been great for the most part so it's easy to walk at lunch or after work. I was hoping to ride my bike soon but I still can't fit in my bike shoes. My shoes selection is very limited right now. I'm thinking of throwing in STS legs since they use the sliding discs. My right leg is less muscular than my left, since my left has been carrying the load for a long time now and currently still is. It's a work in progress. I have a haircut appt today with hilights/lowlights to hide some of the greys.

Are you freelancing for your home health care, or is it through a service? You are getting something in everyday in addition to all your walking at work. We should start figuring out where we want to go on our international trip! I'm pretty open to anywhere.


Busy working weekend for me. I didn't get to bed until 3AM Friday. I did Afterburn Sat. before work and then just took Sunday off since that's when the lack of sleep hit me. Last night I got to bed after work and slept until 9:30 this morning. I've been eating pretty clean and am maintaining my weight. Afterburn kicked my right hip flexor so I think I'll do just upper body weights today. Body Max 2 Double upper body is on my calendar! I want to get some wash done, read, and have my card game tonight.

WW is keeping you focused to slowly lower your weight. With all the weight work you do, you probably will stay around the same number. Glad you can walk.

My freelance job wrapped up Saturday night-unless they need me. I've responded to an agency on Indeed for some part time day work but have yet to hear back from them. It'd be nice to get some extra money. Paris sounds nice to travel to! What do you think? I would love to go to the Louve to see more paintings. I love French wine.

Well, today I did LI Legs. I thought I'd tack on the High Tower workout Legs, Glutes, and Core; but was tired enough after just Legs. What are you up to this week? Tomorrow is a pool day for me. Thursday will be either Metabolic Total Body or just a regular Total Body weight workout depending on how I feel.

My body just plain hurts today. I've been keeping on with the BR w/o's, but may need to mix it up. My workouts for the last 2 days had a lot of leg work including band work. My lower body is so sore. My neck/shoulder area has been bothering me so I went in for a massage last night. Although it does feel better, I still feel sore. It will probably be this way until I can get myself walking with equal weight on each leg. We had up to 80 mile per hour winds yesterday and part of our fence blew down. I called insurance, but our deductible is $1500 and I'm not sure we that much damage. I was hoping the whole thing would come down so we could get it replaced cheaper. The last time it came down, the neighbor lady hired some day laborers to put it back and it wasn't done correctly. Instead of a sturdy straight fence, we have a curvy unstable fence, and now a section is down.

Wow, 3am, that sure makes for a very long day. I can't believe you want to work extra. That doesn't sound fun at all. Extra money however does sound good. You are getting in some good workouts! Paris sounds wonderful. What do you think of a guided tour? I've only been on the one, but it is nice to see so many things. I don't speak Spanish, do you?

I think we should meet at the Detroit Airport and go on the direct flight to Paris! When I was in the airport during the Cathe trip travel, I saw that they had direct flights. No, I don't speak Spanish or French (was that what you meant?). I speak a little German. I don't know about a tour. Haven't really thought about it. I have talked to some people who recommend a small group tour as opposed to a large group because of all the embarking and disembarking on the bus. So much to consider. I would like a tour with options. Do you?

Don't get too sore! Like it or not, we are getting older. Our bods are not recovering as quickly as they used to. I have completely given up on ever doing Insanity and so many of Cathe's cardio again. That's ok. As long as I don't hurt. The other day at work I "ran" a few steps and my right hip did not feel right for a few days. My impact days may be over for good. I'm afraid to try anything and haven't even worn the weight vest for walks. Oh well.

Maybe that's why I want to work more? There's only so much reading I can do. I'm wanting to work more to save money to retire. DH thinks I should wait for the Dems to get back in office and the ACA is made better. That could take forever.

Finally Friday!!! Yay for the weekend. Today I went to my weigh in but didn't stay for the meeting. I came home and did a BR w/o! This afternoon I walked with DS1. My weight was up slightly, up and down the same few lbs as always. So frustrating. I can maintain my weight without WW. Just struggling with what to do. My age is definitely catching up with me as far as my workouts go. It takes much longer to recover, adding walking is a nice addition that isn't too tough on this old body. My foot is slowly getting better. Today was the first day I could wear my new cross trainers that I bought before my surgery. I've been trying to get the new shoe on every few days, the last few days I could get it on but it was way to tight to wear. Today I was able to wear it for my w/o and my walk! The flexion is getting better but it still hurts most of the time. Hopefully the pain will subside soon. My IRS tax payment cleared. So not happy about that, but glad it is behind me.

I'm happy to meet you in Detroit! The tour I was on had about 12-18 people. It was very doable IMO. I would love a tour with options. Partial tour and partial on our own. Maybe we could look into that, a short guided tour and then the rest of the time on our own. That sounds like a fab idea to me. Yes, I was thinking Spain instead of Paris, silly me.

DH and I had a candid talk last night about updating and selling our house. He is so unhappy at work and it is affecting his well being and health. He really has to stay until at least age 55, he's 52 now and will be 53 in June. I don't think he can stay there that much longer. We may refinance and take out some equity, we have about $275K in equity. We can take out enough to fix up our house and have enough to save in case he decides to quit. We could get by on my income for a few months, but it wouldn't put us in a position to a buy a house. We are looking at some options right now.

Glad you are keeping busy. I know I have to work until age 67, what about you? My MIL will be 80 this year and still stays active, with 1 knee replacement and both hips replaced. She says you just have to put one foot in front of the other, once you stop you might not be able to keep going. I hope to have a bedroom for her in our next house just in case. Of course DH isn't really happy about that. I get along great with her and would love to be able to provide this for her if it ever became necessary.

I did not sleep very well on Friday night. I was a total sloth yesterday and didn't do anything. This morning I did 2 w/o's, one BR combat w/o and the other was Cardio Core. It was nice to do a non step Cathe w/o! I modified the couple of moves I couldn't do, no biggie. Laundry is going and I will be heading to the grocery store soon.

What are you up to?

Saturday I took a walk and Sunday I took my first bike ride of the year! It's finally sunny with no wind. The air was a bit chilly, but hey, you can't have everything, right?

I watched a lot of soccer, did yard work, made pizza, played some cards with my parents, and read some this weekend. Oh, and I finally made it to church on Sat. night. Hate going by myself, but DH refuses to go and I bit the bullet and went anyway. I haven't gone in quite some time, and it was nice.

Nice you could do CCC! That is such a good workout. I'm planning on a total body strength today-probably PHT-love that one. This afternoon is some volunteer work at the library, cards, then book club. We are discussing The Dirty Life. It's about a woman from NYC who meet a farmer at Penn State (of all places!) and then they get together and open a farm in NY around Lake Champlaigne area (called Essex farm). It's a true story with lots of humor. I enjoyed it.

Yesterday I did a BR w/o in the morning, walked in the afternoon, and then did RWH BSB. It was nice to just lift. I was hoping to do LIHI legs today, but I didn't sleep well and am really feeling tired this evening. Also, I just have a hard time with double workouts. I used to do them all the time. My body just doesn't recover like it used to and I would rather work out smarter and not longer. We are awaiting word from the lender on the refi-we should be getting a link where we can upload all the necessary docs. Our rate is going up from our 3.375 to 3.99. That's the market we are in and what will have to pay when we move anyway. When we purchased our house inn 1998 the rate was 6.5.

Nice job getting out on your bike. I just talked to DS1 about getting the girls new bikes and getting myself a hybrid. We have a lot of dirt trails that the girls can ride on this summer, but I won't ride my road bike on the gravel. It sounds like you had an eventful weekend! Glad you enjoyed your book and getting to church.
Tuesday was a rest day for me. I've been actively applying for jobs and lining up recommendations. Next Monday I have an interview for a home health agency. I'd be willing to take a pay cut as long as there would be benefits. Worked last night. Today is pool day.

You're getting in good workouts considering you recently had surgery! My mom ended up getting a cortisone shot for her knee and is walking ok. Her doc thinks she has a small tear in her meniscus, so I think this is just a temporary fix.

So are you getting a refi to fix up your house and then move or just fix it up and stay there? At least the rate is better than when you first moved in. We've got nothing set in stone as far as any actual work getting done. DH tries to find someone to do something and not much happens. We've bought a few rugs and put together that piece at the front door to hold shoes (all stuff we could move with us). I'm not helping him find help-he's the one that wants to stay here and I'm the one who wants to move.


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