Daily Checkin Dec 7th


It's Friday? Where in the world did this week go? lol
DS has band practice this morning, so short workout-- Cathe heavy bag--which I love love love. Okay enablers, about HOW MANY heavy bag workouts are on Cathe live?



Today was Fit Legs.

Melanie - I don't know the exact number but almost all of the kickboxing Live workouts have some kind of heavy bag work. I am pretty sure you can get a free trial of Live to check it out before you commit.

Have a good day.


Hi Everyone,

Today I did SSOD the Christmas spin workout again. Love the music. I added on PUB/PLB chest/tris/shoulders/deadlifts/squats.

Thanks for the update about your dog melanie. I don't do much kickboxing on cathe live. you can try it out for 7 days free. why not do it over xmas when you have some free time. And wow, you must work two jobs (like me :))

Have a good day everyone.


Hi gals,

Today I taught my High Energy Dance circuit to 10 ladies for about 55 minutes.

Then I did 13.13 minutes on the stair machine after which I did 25 minutes of weight work.

Then I got on the elliptical machine for 23 minutes (by this time I am losing my energy).

Then I finished up with floorwork abs and legs and a stretch roughly 10 more minutes.

Now I am beat and hungry and need to go home before running errands.

Have a great day and workout!![emoji3][emoji16]

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Considering that I am a SAHM I am always off. LOL! I teach at the gym M-W-F but just need to find a sub for when I need to take off.

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