Daily Check-on Tuesday, January 10th, 2023


Good Tuesday Morning Everyone,

Today I did a lighter day of Cathe's Sore to the Core Live and added on a 25 minute MPL stretch workout. I needed the lighter, stretch-filled workout today.

Linda - I must have missed something - you hurt yourself?
Annette - Elliptical with a boot on - you've got game!
Nora - I see you're keeping up with MPL
Lannette - hello, hope to see you again

Nora, I have a double doodle. She looks exactly like this: https://www.petguide.com/breeds/dog/double-doodle/ She is very food focused and drools when we are eating. My DH loves German Shepherds. Now, to walk the dog.

Have a great day everyone.
Hey Siobhan, yes my boot foot fit right on the elliptical pad thing. I wasn't sure it would but it did.

Hey everyone,

Today I found a pretty straight forward boxing /kickboxing routine on YouTube that was doable in the boot.

It was 40 Minute Boxing Cardio Workout with Sydney Cummings. So my cardio is done. I did have on my wrist weights so that helped with the cardio because trying to scoot side to side in a boot with major gripping power on the bottom is tough.

Nice workout Siobhan.

See you tomorrow.
Happy hello everybody:)

Siobhan- High fives on today's workout with:a lighter day of Cathe's Sore to the Core Live and added on a 25 minute MPL stretch workout.
That's a nice pairing, WTG!! Double high fives on listening to your body and have a lighter workout day.
Aww, how cute a double doodle love the link even the name of the breed is cute. Great breeds in the double doodle, and sweet as well I bet;)

Linda- I hope you are resting and feeling better:)

Annette- Way to start off the day with a YT 40 Minute Boxing Cardio Workout with (and wrist weights) Sydney Cummings.
Wow scooting side to side in a boot is challenging to do. WTG!! Way to get it done! You're awesome WTG!!;)

Here's today's workout:

YT- Movement Paralells Life- EVERYDAY MOBILITY: 15-minute Mobility Flow Warm Up / Movement Snack= 15 Min

Fit Split Boxing- Just Kickboxing Wup+ Kickboxing + Stretch= 34 Min
YT- Jump Rope Dudes- 10 Min Beginner Jump Rope Workout= 13 Min
YT- Kaleigh Cohen Fitness- METABOLIC BOOST!-INTENSE Indoor Cycling Workout RWK7= 38 Min

Enjoy your Tuesday;)


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