Daily Check in Wednesday, September 16th, 2020


Hi Everyone,

I purchased the McFit Method!!! It's pretty much like Cathe's Xtrain but with intervals of bodyweight legs and abs. I sub for a mix of jump rope and legs. Very tough workouts. wow. 12 solid workouts for $47 US (discount code).

I can't wait for Cathe's new workouts on the WB.

BTW - I have no symptoms, tested negative and no one around me has symptoms so quarantine is just precautionary. I'm good to follow the rules :).

have a great day everyone and a great workout!


Hi Ceci,

Glad you are being responsible, also glad you are negative.

Today again nobody showed up for class, so I did an hour weight work out and am now home trying to figure out if I want to do anything else.

Cooler here now.

Have a great day and workout!!


Add in 45 minutes of Disco Circuit workout that I am working on, and there are still 3-4 songs left but I am beat. So that is all for now. Whew!! Sweaty mess now.

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