Daily Check in Wednesday May 6th, 2021


Hi Annette,

Today I did Cathe's STS Plyo Legs + a short lesmill core workout. Now, to stretch. Can I just say how amazing Plyo Legs is! It's just pure fun and it's quick because of the variety.

Re: Cathe - I saw a pic of her on Facebook laying down. I am not sure I understand what happened, exactly but I can see the injury. I assumed it was some kind of laser eye surgery as I didn't read the comment. Thanks for the info.

have a great day Annette.


Hi Siobhan,

She had a detached retina and had to have emergency eye surgery to reattach it, will be out of commission for a few weeks.

Today nobody showed so I did 60 minutes on the elliptical and 55 minutes of moderate to heavy weights, including barbell for chest, new machines for back, shoulders and the rest of upper body. Dumbbells for chest flyes, triceps and biceps, floorwork for abs and glutes.

Nice workout.

You had a nice workout too.

Have a great day!!

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