Daily Check in Wednesday May 16th, 2018

Good Morning Everyone,

Today I did Cathe's Pyramids - upper body for chest/tri's/biceps then moved onto a 20 minute Sydney Tabata workout

Annette - you didn't enjoy Sydney? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! I loved her almost 1 hour kickboxing and arms workout but didn't enjoy much a short kickboxing workout. I am very fussy when it comes to kickboxing as nothing compares to hardstrikes for me. Hardstrikes just does it for me. Most others pale in comparison but loved the KB + arms.

Have a great day everyone. I have an extra long weekend this week so will jam in lots of work and then i am off to a cottage. gosh. I hope my DD's dont throw a party.
Sorry Ceci. Her style was slow and she just wasn't engaging me. All white background and it was just her. Unless I did a totally different person with the same name.

Today I taught my Disco Circuit workout 1 to 6 ladies for about 51 minutes. Then I did 40 minutes of weights including barbell chest press, dumbbell chest flies, shoulder press, shoulder clean and press, bicep curls and hammer, tricep lying double arm , overhead tricep 1 dumbbell both vertical hold and then horizontal hold. Lying dumbbell over head for upper back, floorwork abs and legs and a stretch.

Have a great day and workout!!

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Well I haven't given Sydney a go yet... like Annette I don't think her workouts really call to me, but with several of you enjoying them I will give one or two a chance... one day.

Today I did Cathe Live Lower Body Bootcamp... really wore my lower body out, so much so that Mick got the giggles seeing my face during the last leg exercise. He's generally really good at being there awake during my workout if needed now. As long as he is near me and preferably just on a yoga mat where he can roll and attempt to crawl (not happening yet), looks like swimming on land but he has fun with it.

For the rest a couple of works and a busy day with a check up for Mick and extra work to catch up missed hours from the start of this week due to Magnus's knee injury.

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Magnus twisted the ligament on the inside of his right knee in the open championships two weeks ago and is still in serious pain. He has seen a PT twice, last time he checked using an ultra sound to see how bad it was to indicate how long the healing process might take. He estimated another 4 weeks before the pain is all over. Poor kid... they currently have selection trainings for next season and he cannot really join in.

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