Daily Check in Wednesday June 13th, 2018


Good Morning Everyone,
Today I did about 40 minutes of STS Meso 1 - with all the push ups. I ran out of time. I forgot how amazing STS is. Whoa. No duplicate movse which keeps it fresh. Love Cathe.

Have a great day everyone.

Annette - you have a nicely paced lifestyle being able to sit out in the sun :) lucky you.


Hey, Ceci,

It helps that I don't work outside the home and I have a wonderful husband who loves and allows me to stay at home.

Today I taught my Killer Kickbox workour to 7 ladies for 42 minutes and then did 42 minutes of weight work including floorwork abs.

Have a great day and workout!![emoji3]

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Hi Ladies,

Late with checking in and as you may have noticed I haven't been checking in regularly. that doesn't mean I haven't worked out... just busy busy.
Work is hectic and Mick has been sick a lot for the past week and a half so some days I have been too busy cleaning up vomit to get workout in. :oops:

Wednesday was a good day for workouts. I did 3 different ones. First KCM weights for Bi's, Tri's and Shoulders with Abs active rests. Then later in the day KCM Split Sessions lower body workout and the mini bands section got me wanting more, so I searched on YouTube and found a Sydney Cummings (thanks Siobhan) mini-band workout for thighs and glutes. So 3 very different 30 min workouts, but all very good. And boy am I feeling it today!

Siobhan - I still want to try STS, but I am on the fence about whether I should buy it, DVD vs download or just get OnDemand when my year subscription to Live is up.

Annette - your life sounds heavenly... all that time at the gym and out enjoying the sun.

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