Daily Check in Wednesday January 15th, 2020


Hi Everyone,

Today I did a SSOD workout with this new guy named Fred. This guy is Uhhhhhmazing. It was an old fashioned 33 minute workout with jumping jacks, push ups, squats, abs etc. no weights. I loved every minute of it.

Also excited about Cathe's new offerings. I love a solid 30 minute workout without having to do a premix (although I appreciate premixes a lot).

And Lisa - yes, business is going well :)

Have a great day everyone.


Hi all

I am excited about the new Cathe series. I don't pre-order as I will wait until they are on Demand.

Today was ICE Metabolic and abs.

Have a great day.


Hi ladies,

I am actually excited about the new series too. Love shorter workouts when I am in a time crunch.

Today I taught my Dance Circuit to 6 ladies for 48 minutes. Then I did 30 minutes of weight work and 15 minutes of floorwork for abs , legs and glutes.

My legs are going to feel it because I did the leg press machine too and went up to 220 pounds.

Have a great day and workout!!

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