Daily Check-in, Wednesday, December 28, 2022

aqua girl

Good morning ladies,

Well, Nora, I guess you had a rest day yesterday too! Things happen......

Annette, as the ole saying goes: "Where there's a will, there's a way!" You accomplished that with legs elevated and doing 30 minutes of abwork, little bit of legs, and then did some weight work for triceps, and chest using 3's, 5's and 8 pound dumbbells all while laying on my back. WTG!

This AM I did
CatheLive- Total Body Band Blast- (did a mix from this- 30 min.)
Peloton-10 min. Low Impact Bike Ride

Hello to Siobhan & Lannette....
Good morning ladies;)

Waves, hello's, and well wishes to Annette, Siobhan, and Lannette.

Annette- You are a trooper. I don't blame you I'd be trying to figure out a work around injury or issue and still get a workut in as well. You're a girl after my own heart. Great job getting in
a workout. High fives on your elevated leg work, abs. Then did some weight work for chest tri's using 3,5, & 8 pound DB's. Tripple high fives!! Now just be sure to not over do it.

Linda- Nice workout today with:

CatheLive- Total Body Band Blast- (did a mix from this- 30 min.)
Peloton-10 min. Low Impact Bike Ride
Those short workouts can be just the thing. High fives WTG!!

Here's today's workouts:

YT- MPL-STRETCH, STRENGTH, & FLOW- 15-min Guided Ground Movement Practice= 16 Min
YT- Kaleigh Cohen Cycling- Let It Go & Grow= 27 Min
YT- Kaleigh Cohen Fitness- 20 min Refreshing Active Recovery Ride= 21 Min
KCM 30MTF Power Splits- Workout #2 Lower Body= 32 Min
Jessica Smith- 10 Minute Walks- Happy HiiT Walk= 11 Min
Ab Hits- Workout # 5 Slow & Heavy C,B,& Abs= 9 Min

Enjoy your Wednesday & Happy New Year:)

Hi ladies ,

Washed my hair again this morning, yay!!

Tonight I managed to do 35 minutes of floorwork for abs, legs, and glutes, plus weight work for chest, back, triceps, biceps and shoulders using 5's, 8's and 10 pound dumbbells. I sat up to do shoulders and biceps.

Figured out that my big toe was hurting because the surgical boot was too tight and pushing in on the side of my foot. Hopefully loosening it will help.

Nice workouts everyone!

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