Daily Check-in Wednesday, December 21st, 2022


Hi Everyone,

Today I did more Sydney Cummings from her youtube channel. I did a 30 minute shoulders and arms workout and added on a 15 minute jump rope workout. I didn't think I was gonna finish the rounds of jump rope but.. I did!

I took a rest day yesterday. I needed it. It's so ruddy busy I can't keep up. I baked hundreds of cookies and need to deliver them all today and tomorrow plus so much last minute running around. And, I'm working every day and trying to learn to knit socks. I dropped two stitches from a previous row and don't know how to retrieve them so I have to stop into the yarn shop this morning for help. I am guessing y'all are busy too this week before Christmas. What are some of your last minute tasks?

Glad to see many of us checking in and/or working out yesterday. Have a wonderful day friends.
Good morning ladies!

Great Sydney workout session this AM, Siobhan…I have done Sydney’s 15 min. Jump rope workout too. Not much going on here, Christmas-wise….it’s going to be extremely cold here for the next several days, not looking forward to it…just hoping everything will be ok with heat, pipes, etc.…hoping to go out this morning & get a few things done, so hopefully I won’t have to go out for a few days…

Great workouts Nora—
YT- Movement Paralells Life- STRETCH, STRENGTH, & FLOW- 15-min Guided Ground Movement Practice= 16 Min

YT- Phoenix Nation- 10 Minute Beginner Jump Rope Weight Loss Workout= 16 Min
YT- Kaleigh Cohen Fitness- Copy of REVIVE WEEK 6 LIVE-60 min Indoor Cycling Class= 61 Min
YT- Kaleigh Cohen Fitness- Do This After Every Cycling Workout = 12 Min

Annette, yay on finding a great brand new Taebo workout…..maybe you were the first to get to do it!

Hello to Lannette. Hope things are good….

Today workout(s):
Blender- Metabolic Blast TimeSaver - 28 min.
IFit- Ice Art Park Holiday Bike Ride, Fairbanks, Alaska- 13 min.
Peloton- 15 min. Pop Treadmill Walk
Blender- Yoga Relax & Mobility-26 min.

enjoy your day!!!
Good morning ladies & Merry Christmas:)


Nice workout today with Sydney Cummings (high fives;)) doing a 30 Min shoulders & arms workout and a 15 min jump rope workout from her as well.
I have also done her 15 min jump rope workout and its a good one. I tend to favor Phoneix Nation YouTube workouts for jump rope.
I use a ropeless jump rope and tend to to favor her 10 minute or so workouts. Phoneix Nation (Winter is her name) has a nice variety in her workouts,
not just jump rope, and a good variety of length of workouts. I love her many 10 minute workouts its short and easy to add-on.
Oh wow, learning to knit starting with socks, that's a bit tough for a begiiner. I attempted argyle socks, I quit! I did find a scarf was for me a more doable task.
So good luck to you on the socks I'm sure you will be better at it than I was.

Regaring hectic Christmas stuff to get done. Tomorrow I have to bake and decorate in Christmas theme for my DH's adult child brother who asked me to bake it.
He's never asked me to do that before, so I was happy to agree.
DH has two adult child brothers one with Austism (i'm baking the cake for) and another who has mental illness and lives in a grop home that is specialized to deal with that. Both of DH's parents died two years ago and DH
sister are executor's of the estate and Tim, Dh's brother with Austism is still living at deceased parents address as we are trying to find him an apartment or housing situation (no group homes)that is low income as his only income is social security and
disability. Tim is currently on a two year waiting list for housing based on low income. So its a wait. Its not feasible for him to just live at current home,
he can' afford the up keep or utilities ect. we can't sell house until Tim has a place to live... So weather permitting the roads are safe to drive on Saturday we will go pick brother in group home & take him to his parents house to see Tim, my DH, Me, and their sister.
There will be a small christmas eve potluck, I'llbe bringing Taco soup and the cake both of which will be home made. Then take group home brother back to where he lives and then home for us.
Again, assuming the expected freezing icy roads don't happen and we are able to go with our plans. I may have to make Taco soup Friday morning , then refrigerate to reheat at parents house, we'll see.
Keep warm & hang in there;)

Linda- It sounds like you'll be having peaceful Christmas eve, lucky you. Yes, the weather can be a worry when temps ge really low. Definitely cover vents under house, and have emergency supplies on hand flashlights, blankets, water, etc... We have to delawith that stuff as well even in Oregon,LOL!!

WTG & high fives on your workouts today with:

Blender- Metabolic Blast TimeSaver - 28 min.
IFit- Ice Art Park Holiday Bike Ride, Fairbanks, Alaska- 13 min.
Peloton- 15 min. Pop Treadmill Walk
Blender- Yoga Relax & Mobility-26 min.

More wonderful passport workouts, love to see the places you get to workout in scenery wise, so cool!
Enjoy your day and good luck with weather, hopefully it won't be so bad.

Annette- How fun you found new Taebo workouts just posted to YT yesterday, awesome. I know you mentioned having surgery Friday, I wish you a great outcome and I will keep you in my prayers.;)

Lannette- I hope all is wellwith you and yours this rapidly approaching Christmas. Blessings & good cheer. Merry Christmas:)

Here's today's workout:

YT- Movement Paralells Life- PRIMAL MOVEMENT MOBILITY- Stay Limber & Feeling Young = 16 Min
LITE- Strong Stacked Sets: Lower Body Sets= 39 Min
YT- Kaleigh Cohen Fitness- HIIT HILLS 45 min Indoor Cycling - RWK 7 LIVE= 50 Min

Enjoy day with blessings;)

Hi ladies,

Today I met my friend at the gym and we ended up talking for 2 hours!! She then left and I did my workout. It consisted of 40 minutes on the elliptical and 35 minutes of a (what felt rushed) weight workout using dumbbells only plus 3 leg machines and floorwork for abs, legs and glutes.

Yes, my surgery is on Friday , thank you for the prayers.

I have a lot to do tomorrow to be ready for surgery on Friday.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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