Daily Check-in Wednesday, December 15th, 2021


Hi Everyone and Welcome DB,

Today I did Xtrain - chest/back/shoulders for almost 55 minutes. Now, to stretch!

DB - so glad to have someone new join us :)

Happy Birthday to your son, Annette.

Have a great day friends.
Thank you for the welcome ladies. Sitting here trying to decide what to do before I have to head out in couple hours. I modify all Cathe's cardio to low and I still get an awesome workout. My heart rate doesn't get very high but I'm actually okay with that as my primary goal is to "Keep it Moving" above all things. Whatever I do is more than I would have sitting and watching TV. So, loosely following the rotation, I believe I'll give Tabatacize a whirl. I'll check back in later.
Hi ladies and others,

Today I had 3 ladies and we did my Disco Kickbox Drills Circuit for about 62 minutes.

Then I did only 30 minutes of weights but I did 2 up and back on the sled but used to strap to pull it backwards and then push it back and then pull it going forward and then pushing it back with 2, 45 plates on it. So that was different and I can already feel it in my back.

Nice workouts

Have a great day!!
Nice workout Cali.

I did go ahead and do my modified version of Cathe's XTrain Tabatacize. Got in a good workout. Really modified in tabata five. Was pretty tired by then so subbed in toning workouts for the tabatas, like leg lifts to the side back and front. Figured long as I was moving I was doing something.
I did 30 minutes of floorwork for abs, legs and glutes this evening. Nice workout dbclark, modifying is always acceptable. I tell the ladies in my classes to modify, modify, modify.

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