Daily Check-in, Tuesday, June 11, 2024

aqua girl

Good morning all!

Siobhan, I hope you are doing ok this AM.....My thoughts are with you & your family......hang in there....

Today's workouts:

CatheLive- "PHA: Pump & Burn Express" - 37 min. (this is the one from last week- great workout)
Hydrow Circuit Training- 10 min Rowing & Weights Upper Body Circuit

That's it.....everyone take care!
Good morning all!

Linda - Great job on today's workouts with:
CatheLive- "PHA: Pump & Burn Express"= 37 min.- love PHA sounds fun.
Hydrow Circuit Training- 10 min Rowing & Weights Upper Body Circuit- Rowing always sounds fun & challenging

High fives and WTG on your workouts, awesome job. Glad to see you at check ins. I hope things are better now;)

Have a beautiful day;)

Siobhan- I'm sending healing & comforting prayers. Take care;)

Annette- It seems you almost need a vacation to recuperate from your vacation.
Glad you had an amzing vacation and went to some really cool places. If you workout today awesome, if not no worries.
There is always lots to do and take care of post vacation wise.

Have a great day;)

Here's today's workout:

YT- Kaleigh Cohen Strength- BUILD DEFINITION | 20-minute HIIT Upper Body Strength Training= 23 Min
Leslie Sansone- Walk Off the Pounds - 3 Mile Walk with warm up and Cool Down= 50 Min with wearing 6 pound weighted vest

TaeBo Amped- Jump Start = 42 Min

Have a good day all:)

Hi ladies,

Today I did CDorner's 30 minute kickboxing off YouTube ( it was her 9 am class but I did it later), then came to the gym and did a 70 minute circuit consisting of dumbbells for chest, triceps, biceps and shoulders, machine for back, sled for cardio and floorwork for abs, legs and glutes with a nice stretch at the end.

So I am finished for today.

Nice workout Nora!
Nice workout Nora with Kaleigh’s UB Strength, Taebo & Leslie 3 mile walk with your
weighted vest…..nice variety!

Annette, nice workout with CDorner kickboxing & your full gym day! Good stuff….

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