Daily Check-in Tuesday, January 17th, 2023


Hi Everyone,

Another short workout today - Cathe live upper body - last workout of 2018 for Live workouts. I was around 40 minutes. It was fun. I have to walk the dog again....

Great workouts yesterday everyone especially................. Nora!! whoa. that was a huge workout. I want to be you!

Have a great day friends.
Good morning ladies…

Another great CatheLive this AM, Siobhan….. I love most all of Cathe’s UB workouts, I’m
missing them right now….

Waves to Annette, Nora, & Lannette….

I did do a 5 min. Hydrow Legs Focused Warmup Row on Charles River, in Boston, Mass.
and the remainder of my workout was light dusting, vacuuming & load of laundry!!!
I hopefully will finish up tomorrow…..need to go to grocery store this afternoon, if I can.

enjoy your day….
Good morning everyone;)

Siobhan- Up and at'm early , good for you:) Another great workout today with:
Cathe live upper body- last workout of 2018 for Live workouts approx. a fun 40 Min. Plus addin in dog walk, and it definitely counts. I'm sure your cute dog thanks you.

Linda- WTG on a fun sounding short workout with: 5 min. Hydrow Legs Focused Warmup Row on Charles River, in Boston, Mass.Love those passport workouts;)
Yes, house work definitely countsas a workout in my book.Please take care and rest, feel better soon;)

Hello's and waves to: Annette- hugs and prayers, and Lannette enjoy day ladies;)

Here's today's workout:

YT- Movement Paralells Life - Your Body will THANK YOU after this Quick Stretching Routine (Hamstrings, Hips, Back)= 7 Min

Jessica Smith- Burn Fat & Have Fun - Steady, Ready & Go= 32 Min
YT- Kaleigh Cohen Cycling- Workout with me!LIVE Indoor Cycling Class- 45 - 60 min= 66 Min
YT- Kaleigh Cohen Fitness- Do This After Every Cycling Workout = 12 Min

Healing prayers & blessings;)

Hi ladies,

Today I came to the gym bootless, yay!!!

And I did a 75 minute total body weight workout (no weight bearing on the foot still), but I did the barbell, back and shoulder machines, dumbbells for chest, back, triceps and biceps, 2 leg machines and floorwork for abs, legs and glutes plus a stretch.

Nice long leisurely workout caught up with a friend that had a triple bypass surgery after a heart attack who was back at the gym taking it easy and saw another lady who is a friend and didn't know about our friend's passing.

Nice workouts everyone.

See you tomorrow.
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