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Hi Siobhan,

Today I stayed home and tried your Caroline Girvan I only managed 12 minutes of 2 of her low impact cardio workouts. Couldn't handle all the burpees and planks. I did do the walking squats. So after that I did a basic Taebo which was 25 minutes.

After all that I did my own 40 minutes of light weight work, used 10 pound dumbbells for everything except seated clean and press which I used 5 pound dumbbells. I did flyes and press, 2 sets 16 and 12; shoulder press 2 sets 16 and 12; hammer curls 16 and hammer with a twist for 16, lying overhead for back for 16, back row for 12, seated clean and press for 12. Then floorwork for abs and legs.

Think I am finished now.

Have a great day and workout !!


Hi Annette,
I worked out yesterday but forgot to check in. I was running out of time, moved on with my day then forgot to check in.

yesterday I did more CG - legs + a bit of funk roberts.

see you today!

great workout BTW - so great you tried CG.

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