Daily Check in Tuesday February 12, 2019


Good Morning Everyone,

Today I did my own version of Cathe's PUB - I am starting from heavy to light now instead of the reverse to change things up. I did 40 minutes. I almost did nothing! It's hard for me to rise early on cold, dark winter mornings.

I was out of town from Saturday to yesterday so missed working out. Good to see some of you checking in!

Have a great day. P.S. we also have a major storm hitting us today. We're getting 20 cm of snow. Yikes.


Hi all

Ceci I am happy to see that I am not the only one that doesn’t exercise when out of town :). That’s a lot of snow. We have some coming down right now.

Today was Total Body Band and Glide Live. I hope to get some yoga in later.

Have a great day.


Hi ladies,

Hubby is sick with the stomach virus and running a fever of 101.4°F. So I am home nursing him back to health. While he slept in his chair, I did manage 20 minutes of weight work using my 12 pound dumbbells and 5 pound dumbbells. Plus floorwork abs and legs. It was quick but something nevertheless.

We had snow Sunday night and all day yesterday now we have rain and frozen slush. And I need to go out,UGH!!

Have a great day and workout!!⛄❄☃☔

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