Daily Check in Thursday, September 12, 2019


Hi Everyone,

Today I did my own WB of RWH chest/biceps and legs. I added on my own stretch.

I took a rest day yesterday. I've been coming down with a cold so I've been taking lots of wheat grass shots. Seems like the cold didn't quite get here phew.

Have a good day everyone.


Hi all

Today was Mixed Impact Hiit plus Abs Live.

Ceci- I love those shots of greens. My husband and I load up on them when we start to feel a cold coming on. I hope you continue to feel better.

Have a great day.


Hi ladies,

Had my tooth pulled yesterday afternoon. No real pain so I am not taking the prescription painkillers.

Still can't eat anything but soft foods and no straws or sucking. I was down to a new low weight this morning which I was happy to see no matter the reason.:)

I came to the gym and did 37 minutes on the elliptical machine.

Beautiful day today!
Have a great day and workout!!

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