Daily Check in Thursday May 6th, 2021


Annette - I've been getting the date wrong since the start of May!

You had a huge workout yesterday. I admire your stamina. Like you, I loooooooooove to workout. It's just so enjoyable for me. Not work at all.

Thanks for the update about Cathe.

Today I did STS Meso 2 week 1 chest/shoulders/triceps - I didn't have time for the triceps. Cathe has not aged since she did STS. How? It's incredible.

Have a great day Annette!


Hi Siobhan,

Today I stayed home and did a Brian Suzki Fat Burning Walking workout off of YouTube. You do 30 seconds of different moves ie... Walk and punch, kick out other leg goes back(both sides) arms cross at chest, and a whole lot more to fill 47 minutes, I am sitting here sweating!!

Your arms are constantly moving with the legs. It was good and music was excellent to keep you moving.

Had a doctor's appointment yesterday, now my blood pressure is high and he wants to see me again in a month( more like 6 weeks because of schedule conflicts) to check it again,sigh.

Nice workout, and yes I love working out. It is the best!!

Have a great day!!

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