Daily Check in Thursday June 14th, 2018


Hi Everyone,

Today I did Sydney Cummings boxing/abs workout to keep things low impact.

Henriette - So happy to see you checking in. Life is so busy with a young family. Good for you for getting in your workouts.

Regarding STS: Can you upgrade your live? I have gone back to STS over and over again. It has 4 weeks of endurance, 4 weeks of strength, 4 weeks of hypertrophy. The variety of workouts is crazy huge. You get squat rack legs (a must - I have no squat rack), you get plyo legs, and plain old leg workouts. Amazing program and amazing to just pick out workouts when you feel like it. You can't go wrong with STS.

have a great day everyone.


Hi Ceci,

Today I went to the gym and did 17 minutes on the stair machine and then did a 15 minute Elliptical Fit Test and it said my fit level was ok[emoji848]. Then I did 5 minutes backwards on the elliptical machine.

Came home and went to the pool, finally, weather has been horrible for going to the pool.

During the all adult swim I walked and the jogged in the water for 20 minutes.

Stayed at the pool for 3 hours, came home and went grocery shopping .

Just got home got all the groceries in and hubby called to say that he was in an accident [emoji44]. Thankfully he was just rear ended but an accident nevertheless. He is ok and so is the guy who hit him. Thankfully it was the other guy's fault.

Henriette, praying that Mick gets better soon.

Have a great day and workout!![emoji3]

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