Daily Check-in Thursday, January 12th, 2022


Hi Everyone,

Today I did more MPL - 25 minutes of bodyweight and added on another 10 minutes of bodyweight for upper body. I just can't fit in long workouts this week unless I rise earlier. Life is so much easier when DH is around. That said, I've really enjoyed the quiet and being alone for a week.

Linda - So nice to see you checking in even if you are taking rest days
Nora and Annette - solid workouts!

Have a great day everyone!
Hi everyone….

great workouts yesterday for all of you! I am getting “stir-crazy“! I did just finish a Peloton low impact bike workout….my subscription expires in a couple days, and I don’t
renew it each month, usually every couple months, so I wanted to get another one in.

have great workouts & a great day…
Hi ladies,

Well the lady I usually meet at the gym on Thursdays hasn't responded to my texts or returned a phone call so I am a bit concerned. So I stayed home and tried a new on YouTube Taebo that was new posted only yesterday. It was 39 minutes but I only counted it as 35 because the beginning was 7 minutes of explaining how to do certain moves.

But I had on my wrist weights and actually had on tennis shoes on my bum foot. I took it easy and no jumping or jumping jacks.

It was a good workout and I sweated.

Nice workouts Siobhan and Linda!

See you tomorrow.
Happy pre-Friday morning ladies;)

Siobhan- Great job on getting it done today with:
MPL- 25 min of bodyweight and added on another 10 min of bodyweight for upper body.
Sometimes its really nice to change things up with shorter workouts especially if you have a busy day ahead.
Your DH will be back soon, so that will be nice.

Linda- YAY! You got in a bike workout today. What do you think of the Peleton ap? How are you doing? Hangin there.

Annette- I hope you do hear back from your friend. Nice job on your YT Taebo (with wrist weights) that was new posted yesterday.

Here's today's workout:

YT- Kaleigh Cohen Cycling-Easy McCoy HIP-HOP Ride = 31 Min
ICE- Metabolic Total Body Basic #1- Wup +Main Rout.+Icey Core #1 + Stretch = 59 Min
YT- Kaleigh Cohen Fitness- 20 min Refreshing Active Recovery Ride= 21 Min

Enjoy your pre-Friday:)


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