Daily Check-in Thursday, December 15th, 2022


Hi Everyone,

Today I did a short 30 minute Sydney Cummings cardio workout. It was good. I did a bit of her stretch workout. Now, to move on. busy busy....

Nora - I hope you get your room in order. You must be missing your workouts like mad!

Have a great day everyone.
Good morning All,

Siobhan, great job yesterday & today with your Sydney Cummings workouts! I like her alot, and have done
several of her cardio/rope & weight workouts....Alot of her's are longer workouts, so I tend to choose 30 min
or less.

Annette. another stellar Taebo workout! I bet the wrist & ankle weights really add intensity to his workouts!

Nora, hi, sounds like you have been busy! and that's a workout in itself. I know a couple weeks ago, I
got into moving around some tv's in my workout area(s) and that took me about all day ! and that was
just a couple tvs...so I can imagine....

Hello to Lannette....

Today's line-up... (kinda' sounds like alot, but everything was a little over an hour...I like variety!)

KCM Power Splits - Upper Body workout- 22 min.
KCM CardioFit- Bonus-"Raw" Stepboxing workout- 29 min. (I really like Kelly's Stepboxing workouts!)
YT- Kim Saha- Foam Roller Ab workout- 7 min.
Peloton- 5 min. Holiday Warmup Walk, 10 min. Holiday Bike Ride & 5 min. Holiday Post-Ride Stretch.
Hi ladies,

Today I had my preoperative physical and I need to get bloodwork done tomorrow.

Came home and just didn't want to go back out in the rain soooo I found a new workout on YouTube called Body Project Boxing Abs Cardio Workout. It was 41 minutes and really intense but had a modifier lots of pushing with leg movements and floorwork for abs done in 3 minute intervals. It was good. Ok it is from 6 years ago (YouTube tells me) but it was new to me.

Need to bake and clean but gotta be in the mood.

Nice workouts everyone!!

P.S. add in 12 minutes of floorwork for abs, legs and glutes.
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