Daily Check in Thursday, April 8th, 2021


Hi Annette,

Today I did 30 minutes of CG's latest leg workout + 15 minutes of lesmill core. Now, to stretch.

Annette - your son lost 17 pounds due to covid? wow. that's serious. I am glad he is on the mend. I hope more attend your classes this week. In this environment, I guess it can be hit and miss.

Have a great day!


Siobhan, honestly, he needed to lose some weight we are just hoping that he keeps it off.

Middle son got tested as a precautionary measure and tested negative. Yay!!

My brother in NC texted me and he has Covid and says he feels crappy. Pray that his kids don't get it too.

Today I stayed home and did my 7 Kick Progression adding in the upper body weights. I didn't do enough weights so I had time to try my new moves with the leftover music. This whole thing is 56 minutes.

There were floorwork legs,abs and glutes in this workout too.

I might lay in the sun.

Have a great day!!

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