Daily Check in Thursday April 29th, 2021


Hi Annette,

Well at least you got in a workout!

Today I did more Caroline G - her chest/core workout. I loved the method. I will stretch now.

I would have worked out longer but I had a double espresso at 3pm yesterday - whyyyyyyyyyy??? so had trouble sleeping last night. obvi!

Have a great day Annette.


Hi Siobhan,

My brother came home yesterday from the hospital!!! 2 and a half week stay but he is HOME!! Thanks again for praying.

Today I stayed home and did my new Kickbox Combos with Cardio Drills it was about 54 minutes long. I was sweating buckets!! It is really tough and demanding. I hope the ladies like it when we finally get to do it.

I do add floorwork for abs, legs and glutes at the end.

Nice workout, sorry about your sleep. I don't even like coffee. Yuk!!

Have a great day !!

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