Daily Check in Thursday April 22nd, 2021


Hi Annette,

Today I did Cathe's Afterburn. I did the whole thing with some modifications. It's still tough but way more doable than it used to be - of course, because I modified :)

Looks like you had a busy day at the gym yesterday - almost - you still taught a full class!

Have a great day :)


Ok, once again I slept in way too long.

So I did 20 minutes of this Bryan dude on YouTube 's cardio kickboxing. Basically drills for 30 seconds each side with a 10 second rest and repeat with different moves. Then I did a 40 minute Cobra Qui Bo workout with Billy Blanks. It was good. So I guess I got an hour of cardio in so not bad for not going to the gym.

My brother is improving so that is good.

Nice workout Siobhan!

Have a great day!!

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