Daily check in TGIF July 7

Good Morning.

Yesterday was a rest day for me. I really didn't have the time to work out and when I looked back at my work outs I realized I was due for a rest day anyway so it worked out well!:)

Phyllis...Sorry about your hams. I wonder why it's so difficult for you??

Today will probably be Ripped and a run at the gym. I wanted to take a spin class but I'm due for a run and I want to get my mileage back up to where it was before I left on vacation...not that it was HIGH but it went down on vaca and I don't want to lose my progress.

Maybe I'll try for spin tomorrow morning... }(

Happy Friday!:+
Good Morning Fit Chicks!

CC#6 (Sean's version) and CM#3 for me today.

Phyllis: I have week hamstrings that make hamstring work tough for me....practice, practice, practice!

Wendy: Enjoy your workouts at the gym.

Hello to all that follow....have a great day!
Good Morning Ladies!

Yesterday I walked 4 miles . Today is a run, with intervals at the end, coremax , stretchmax.

I finally got in to see the Osteopath yesterday. I really liked him alot. He said I have very tight rhomboids (spelling?), lower back and neck and confirmed that the back pain I've been having (on and off...feel okay right now) is sciatic trouble. He "adjusted me", gave me an anti-inflammatory shot , and 10 days of muscle relaxers. I feel pretty good today if I can just wake up. Half a muscle relaxer cured my insomnia!!!! I slept all night and through the alarm this morning!!!:eek:

The best thing about the appointment was he did NOT restrict exercise like I thought he would. In fact, he was impressed with the shape I am in, said that "most of the patients I see do not workout and care so much about their health"!!!!!! Also he said to keep doing what I am doing, just (we all know this already but it's good to hear over and over) LISTEN TO MY BODY ......and keep stretching and in my case I need to stretch more often!
I felt good coming out of their and just wanted to share my news with all of you.:D

Have a terrific day everyone. TGIF!!!:7 :7
I know what you mean, Phyllis. I rarely hear things like that. I ended up telling my doc about my work outs at my last physical and he was impressed and happy but most just think I'm crazy and I'll bet even more don't care. It's sad. :-(
Good morning all. It's been a few days since I've checked in here, but I've been faithful to my workouts. On Wed I did Powerstrike 1 and hiked 5 miles and my butt and glutes are still sore. Today is a weight day, GS C&T. Tomarrow is a rest day, but the weather here is supposed to be beautiful, so DH and I may go hiking. Have a great day and weekend.

I'm only on day 3 of the rotation. It seems less intense than several I've done, but good for summer. I like that there are walks and runs that can be done outside.

Are you doing it too?
Good Morning all,

This morning I woke up and decided to do IMAX2. I have not done this workout for over a year. I did it on a 4inch step. I was able to finish it. Go Me!! Next time I up my step.

Phyllis: I find leg work in general difficult. I know that is my weak area. :(

Off to the shower for me.

Have great workouts!!

Went for a walk early accompanied by me beloved XM MyFi radio. I can't tell you how many times this radio has meant the difference between walking and not walking, because I love listening to it so much.

Later -> push-ups and a Pilates class.

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Good morning,

I know what you mean about Doctors. I am not trying to sound arrogant, but the moment they see me they know I work out, and you would think they would be somewhat encouraging, but never a word comes out of their mouths. The nurses, on the other hand, always comment and encourage me. Go figure...

Anyways, today was SS UBB, and Coremax premix 3.

Saturday - All Body Cardio with Sharon Twombley.
Sunday - Step and ab hits.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Hi all,

I did Hardcore Kickbox Circuit today.

My middle son has his first tennis match today, he was asked to play in so pray that it is a good experience for him.

He loves the game and has made great progress in the 3 or so years that he has been playing. He will be 12 this month.

Have a great day!!:7
I know what you mean about the nurses Conni! My last visit to the pulmonologist, the nurse weighed me, and put the scale way low to start and said "wow you are decieving" then moved the scale higher. I said, I lift weights! She was like, I can ttell, that's great!"
It made me feel better. I like nurses! LOL!!!!
Anyway, way to go ladies. Not sure when I will work out. Probably late tonight, I have a busy day. I will be walking around a mall with a 2 and 4 year old. That should count for cardio right??????

Maeghan AKA megadoo

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Hey everyone,
I was off yesterday due to some type of intestinal bug. I feel much better today though. I will be doing Gs Chest and Triceps today, but probably no cardio. Have a great day and great workouts.

Ugh, this has been a horrible workout week for me. I've only worked out twice! That is so unlike me. My body feels very worn down. Maybe it's trying to tell me to have a light week... or maybe I'm just thinking that to make myself feel better for slacking off.:p

Hope everyone has a great day!

I guess weights are not in the cards for me today as I am done w/my run and my OA is still bothering me....that's okay though, it's the start of a new work out week for me today so I have plenty of time to get in what I need!:)

I did a 2.06 mile run on the TM today and then my 20 min IClimb work out using a Stair Climber this time instead of the elliptical.
Hi ladies

Today was GS Chest & Triceps followed by Christ Taylor's Totally Cool Step (and then the bonus abs too).

I feel fully worked out.

Hope everyone else has great workouts.

Becky...I am glad the osteopath told you to stretch more often. Tense muscles can pull on the head and cause headaches and back pain. Cortisone shots work to releive the inflammation for the short term and pain pills obviously take away the pain (and put you to sleep), but stretching can get rid of the cause. I recommend Shiva Rae's Yoga Shakti to my patients. You can get it on Amazon.com. It has over 3.5 hours of exercises and there is a "yoga matrix" that you can use to mix-and-match sections...and a little booklet in the front that explains what various sections do. For back/neck pain, try lunar meditation, lunar salutations, some sort of spinal twist exercise, and then shavasana (corpse pose). That is around 30 minutes and you'll feel great.

Well I am checking in very late today, but I worked out early. Today was S&H Legs followed by a 30 min walk.

This afternoon DH & I went golfing - we carried the clubs and walked the whole 9 holes. Golfing is his thing, but it makes him happy when I go even though I'm lousy at it.

This will be a busy weekend, lots of house projects - I will strip some wallpaper and do lots of weeding. DH will change the kitchen faucet, add a garbage disposal, and hang a cabinet door. DD will clean the car inside and out although I haven't told her that yet. I know the look I'll get when I do.
Hey gym mom, want to come to my house and rip off the wall paper here, since my little guy has already started!!!!!!!!
Well, no WO today since I was out all day running around! I might do a quick 20 minute yoga before bed just to relax.

Maeghan AKA megadoo

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