Daily Check in Monday April 20, 2015


Good Monday Morning Ladies,

Today I did RWH Upper Body Circuit. I just did a quick workout today.

Conni - you must be tired. Who is Michael? DH? DS?

Have a great workout and a great day today.


Hi ladies,
Well, we have come to the end of a wonderful high school drama career for DS. He is now going to focus on going the Fringe Festival in Scotland this summer with the school, and then college. I will continue to choreograph for the shows, we have a great team and I just love my work with the kids..
A hard day today, that's for sure.
Michael is my other son from my first marriage. He hasn't been around too much in recent years but surprised us all yesterday!

Today was Cathe Live Lower Body weights and Stability Ball workout.


Good morning ladies!! just finished Kickbox/dumbbell drills by Kelly Coffey. Sweaty and burning abs.

Conni wonderful family news.

Have a great day everyone!



Hi gals,

Today will be CTX KICKBOXING for cardio then to the gym for weights in a little while.

Have a great day!

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