Daily Check in July 3, Friday


Hi ladies,
At the ER right now with issues regarding DH. Hope to be home soon to do RWH chest , shoulders and triceps..
Hope the rest of the weekend is less stressful
Awww conni. I'm sorry yr in er. In Canada that's a 4-5 hr wait. I hope all is ok. Hugs to you both.

Today I did sbf upper and lower body workouts. I added on a short mh upperbody workout.

See u all tomorrow
Hope things are better and you are home from the ER. Praying for you both.

Today I did Reebok Power Blast and 26 minutes of the Advanced Taebo #11 then 55 minutes at the gym.

I was on a roll today.

Have a great 4th of July weekend!
We spent about 2 hrs there so it wasn't awful. Did get my workout in though, and am now on my patio with a beverage in my hand!

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