Daily Check in Friday November 9th, 2018


Good Morning Everyone,

Welcome Melanie #2 - wow. two Melanies! Glad you are here!

Today I did SSOD for about 1 hour - 30 minutes of cycle, 30 minutes of KB and stretch.

Now to get ready for work!

Have a good day everyone.


Hi all - TGIF

Today was a WB mix of Cardio Slam All Out LI Hiit and Stability Ball Abs along with a yoga TX segment.

I am looking forward to the weekend. It's been a LONG work week!

I hope you all have a good day.

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Hi ladies,

Today I went to teach my class and thought I knew which workout I was doing. But all good plans must change. So instead of doing my new Aerobic and Kickbox circuit, we did my new High Energy Dance circuit . It went over very well and the 1st run through with my class was great. So that was about an hour.

Then I did about 37 minutes of weight work including wrenching my right shoulder, sigh. I picked up a 30 pound dumbbell and heard and felt my shoulder pop[emoji36][emoji31][emoji47] . So now I am home with a heating pad on it.

Another rainy day here.

Have a great day and workout!![emoji3]

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