Daily Check in Friday May 18th, 2018

Hi Everyone,

I took a rest day yesterday as I was tired and sore from my workouts.

Today I did more Sydney - about 20 minutes of hiit/shoulders. I really liked it. I added on Cathe Pyramids of back, shoulders and legs (not the floor portion).

I have a long weekend this weekend. I work tonight, tomorrow until 2:30 and then I am off to a cottage for 2 nights with the neighbours. Yeah.

Enjoy your workouts today everyone.

Henriette - i've got to try that one as I do enjoy cathe's kb workouts the most
Hi Ceci,

Today I taught my Interval 1 class to 8 ladies for an hour.

Then I did 35 minutes of weights which included 9 minutes on the stair machine for legs. I did chest press with dumbbells, flies, concentration curls, overhead one arm triceps and lying overhead holding a dumbbell for back. 2 ab exercises.

Now I have to grocery shop.

Have a great day and workout!!

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Oh and one of my newer ladies approached me and said that she can really tell that I genuinely care about all my participants in my classes. That made me feel good.

Have a great weekend ladies!

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