Daily Check In: Friday, June 16, 2006


Good morning Gang! Did you have a restful sleep?

I did KPC, as per the rotation. I really like that workout, with the exception of how much she breaks down the three combos. I much prefer the combos of KM; she teaches the moves and then moves on. Anyhoo, my workout is done. Next up is a 45 minute steady state run, which I'm going to attempt to do outside (if it ever stops raining). I'll do 5min runs/1 min walks, since this is my first outdoor run in, oh, a couple of years, at least!

Wendy - the running clinic you've joined sounds terrific! I'm excited for you! This is the start of a whole new t-shirt collection. Have a *wonderful* cruise! Oh, and we are in love with our new house!! The only problem is that the landscaping has yet to be done, and we have been getting a lot of rain for the past two weeks. This means that we are currently living in mud, mud, mud!!!

Phyllis - no, I'm not overly tired of the GymStyles, but after doing them for 4 weeks in a row I was starting to feel like I was neglecting my other workouts :) Actually, I'm not one for a lot of repetition. I rarely do the same workout more than twice a month.

Kim - congratulations to your sister!!!!

Heather - I've never been keen on the warm up to PowerMax, either, especially those lunges. But as I've gotten into better shape, they aren't such a problem anymore. I used to wonder what the heck they were doing in a warm up; they used to exhaust my legs!

Annette - great work on the weight loss!! You're making great progress!

Meaghan - Ah, RS! A fun workout!!

Have a great day!
- where's Carole?!
Hi Sandra and all who follow,

Sandra: KPC is a fun k/b work out but I know what you mean about the combos. She DOES teach them for too long now that I think about it. When you used to run, did you race at all? When I first took my running outdoors I ran for as long as my body could stand it and then walked so I started off doing a 6 min run with a 1 min walk. Pretty much what you are going to do. It is amazing how different the TM and the road are. I never expected the road to be so much tougher! I'm up to 4 miles on the TM but still can't run 1 mile steady on the road! YIKES!:eek:

I've decided to do HSC today. I may come up with a mish-mosh using it at the last minute or I may do it straight up. Not sure yet.

Good Morning Fit Chicks!

I am going to try TLT BBBB for the first time this morning. I'll let y'all know how I like it later on.

Sandra: I prefer KPC to KM but totally agree with you on the tedious breakdowns.

Wendy: HSC is a great workout....let us know what creative mish-mosh you come up with.

Hello to all that follow....have a great day!
Happy Friday ladies,

Have to do Bootcamp today, and although I love it I just did it the other day on a premix with ME. That was my fault but I will try it again. Oh! I did KPC yesterday and I haven't been able to do some workouts on my toes, well I did those dynamic windmills without my foot hurting! I also did the jumping jacks and high jogs. Can you believe it? Well let me calm down now. I'm not 100% but my foot is definitely improving since the surgery.

Sandra-I like KPC also, but I sometimes try to avoid the combos because of the breakdowns. Yeah, kickmax combos are alot more tolerable.

Wendy-I must have missed something when I was out, I didn't know you were going on a cruise. That is so exciting! I know you will enjoy that. You will have to post pictures when you return. When are you leaving?

Hope all of you ladies have a wonderful workout and day,

Hi Girls,

It's good to be back! I rested my back for several days and made an appointment to see the dr. next Wed. I do feel alot better so today I did ME upperbody split and BC U/B only!
It felt great.
Maybe will walk later but dont' want to push TOO hard and re-injure!!

Hope everyone has a TERRIFIC FRIDAY!!
3 CHEERS for the weekend!:D :D
Morning ladies. I woke up this morning with a splitting headache, so I took some asprin and went back to sleep for half an hour. When the alarm went off again I felt better, so I got up and did IMAX 3. Now I feel great! Headache is gone and I am ready to start my Friday!

Hope everyone has a great day!

Good morning,

Today was C&W, I will be singing Buttercup the rest of the day, to the dismay of my fellow associates here at work.

Saturday - Hi/Lo aerobics ( maybe Franny )and abs.
Sunday - MM

Have a good day and a great weekend.
Wow, it sounds like everyone is feeling good. Kim, your foot is feeling better, Becky your back is on the mend, and Katie was able to fet over that headache! Congrats all.

PUB followed by BBW for me today. I didn't do the floor work from the BBW. I was just too tired. I have a question about those wall squats. I've been doing them with the stability ball, but I feel them in my quads, not my butt. Could I be using the wrong form or is that where I'm supposed to feel them? Thanks



I can barely walk this morning, Ouchie! I think its’ from those dog gone walking lunges I did the other day. Last night I could not help it the weather was so beautiful actually it was perfect I went for another long speed walk. This morning, Imax 2 love it.

I’m leaving work today at 12:30 (yippee) my company give us 4 half free days every summer. Anyway, I’m either going home to do P90X Shoulders & Arms or MIS. I’m positive P90X is going to rule ;-) Then off to my PT job. Have a great day all.

Hey ladies!!! I just finished Imax Extreme. I really liked it, but I HATE genie hops!!!!!!!!! Oh well, I did work up a great sweat and now I feel like I have alot more energy then this morning, thank goodness. I was dragging butt!!
Have a great Friday!!

Maeghan AKA megadoo

http://www.3fatchicks.net/img/bar072/slider-but3/lb/203/145/159/.png[/img] [/url]

Morning everyone - today was a rest day. I had to dash out early this morning so I decided to skip the workout today and double up tomorrow. I may walk later, but it'll be an easy walk - I've been feeling a little wiped out lately so I figure talking it easy for a day won't kill me. Although I must admit, all those great workouts have me itching a bit to pull out a Cathe DVD.

No, I must pay bills today. I must stay focused.

Happy Friday!
Thanks Sandra.

Ok ladies be proud be very proud of me!! I haven't been able to do step in a really long time due to my feet tiring very quickly and then hurting, then my right foot decided it wanted to have PF also so then I really did hurt too much to even try. So I have been doing kickboxing type workouts for probably 6 or so months now because of these factors.

I finally went to the doctor about my right heel and since I caught this one early I am on an oral steriod to try and nip it in the bud without a shot.

My feet felt good this morning so I thought why not try and step, and while I did feel some fatigue during the warmup it quickly passed and I made it through the 1st 5 intervals of IMAX 1!!! YIPEE for me!!!:7 I didn't want to push it so I stopped after number 5 and did the stretch. I am just sooo happy that I made it through. While other step tapes don't thrill me much this one I do like and can do so I can do step again or at least 30 min. of step anyway!!!

Thanks for listening to me ramble!!:eek: :D

Have a great day!!:)
Hey girls,

Just got home from fathers day shopping and my sister-n-law gave me Power90 to try out. Have any of you tried it, and how did you like it? I was going to do bootcamp today, but I think I may try this being something different.

Will let you know how it was later,

Well I tried the Power90 sweat workout and I did break a sweat doing the jumping jack,side to side jumps and running in place. The only thing I didn't like was he didn't keep up with the music, so that made it ackward doing the punches. But overall it was a pretty good workout. My son walked by the living room and said "he is no cathe". I guess no one is like her workouts. But I will do this again.

Have a good night!


Where in the world is Jane?
Tammy-Did HSC straight up today...wasn't feeling creative!:)

Kim-Yeah, I leave on WEDNESDAY out of NY! YEAY! I'll definately be posting pics for y'all!:) :) :)
Hey everybody and KIM!!! Nice to see you back. I just popped in today to say hello. No workout for me today or yesterday. Wednesday I was off work since I work this weekend and DH and I did another marathon work day around here. We pressure washed the new barn and I had to get a soft brush and soapy water to get the red mud off the bottom where it had splashed up before the grass grew but it came clean. I still have DOMS in my back from that. Since DH has healed up pretty good since his surgery three weeks ago, we've gotten a lot done around here but I'm still doing the heavy work since he can't lift over 25 pounds and it hurts him to push/pull.

I have to work through next Tuesday and I'm off on Wednesday. I'm going to start back on workouts on Sunday when I get off work. Tomorrow we have a family thing down at my MIL's, it is her birthday so no workout tomorrow, won't have time after work. If I see I can squeeze one in, I'll start tomorrow. I think I'll just pick up the June rotation on the second week.

Kim, it is nice to see you working out again. I'm so glad your foot is better!!! You sound so excited!! Did you go to the race this year in Charlotte? I couldn't have met you this year anyway since DH had surgery on that Friday, May 26th. I couldn't leave him that weekend.

Hopefully I can get motivated again and get back to my beloved Cathe workouts. With the exception of working like a day laborer on Wednesday, haven't done much this week. I'll just call it a recovery week and hopefully get back to business Saturday or Sunday.

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