Daily Check in Friday July 12, 2019


Hi ladies:

Today was Yvette Bachman Core Kickboxing. She is a tough instructor!

It's a short work day as we are on Summer hours :cool:

Have a good day.


Hi ladies,

Today I taught my Variety circuit to 5 ladies for 55 minutes.

My shoulder was acting up so after talking some I came home. I laid in the sun for 82 minutes with a nice breeze. It felt good.

Having some issues with the gym members again, sigh. You just can't please everyone no matter how hard you try.

Have a great day and workout and weekend!!


Complaints about my cardio kickboxing classes that I do TWICE a month. Some ladies don't like kickboxing so they want a separate class offered when I do my kickboxing class. We are talking 2 times a month, 2nd and 4th Wednesdays. This is a compromise that we all agreed on when they cut my Monday class and gave it to someone else. I will talk to the gym owner when they get back from vacation, yes the owner texts me this complaint knowing full well that they are leaving for vacation and can't deal with it now. Sigh.


Hi Everyone,

Checking late (a day late). Yesterday I did my own WB of legs/chest/biceps + a long stretch.

Annette - sorry you having issues again. grrrrr. And you are correct. You just can't please everyone!

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